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"If left unchecked, stress at the workplace can lead to more serious mental and physical health problems"
Dr Delroy, Clinical Director of mental health, Bupa, 2013


The struggle to juggle heavy demands at work has proven to cause stress, anxiety and depression amongst 1000s of empolyees across many sectors and industries.


The total number of working days in the UK lost due to stress, depression or anxiety was 11.3 million in 2013/14, an average of 23 days per case of stress, depression or anxiety (Labour Force Survey, 2014)


Expanding workloads, managing disgruntled staff and meeting targets can result work-related stress. This develops because a person is unable to cope with the demands being placed on them. Work related stress, can be a significant cause of illness and is known to be linked with high levels of sickness absence and staff turnover


Organisations are in a prime position to make it easier for their employees to work more productivly, creativly and happily. Tackling stress is a major part of your organisation's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 


The Flame offers bespoke mindfulness courses for the workplace, delivered by experts with over 25 years experience, with proven results and solid success rates. We train people in mindfulness, enabling them to function better in high performance environments and at all levels in organisations.


The trainings we offer have been subject to considerable research. There have been thousands of studies conducted on various aspects of mindfulness and, on this basis, we can say with confidence that our mindfulness training:

  • enhances focus and attention

  • increases self-awareness and the awareness of others

  • raises levels of resilience and emotional intelligence

  • strengthens cognitive effectiveness

  • Improves self worth and confidence

  • Improves working buisness relationships between staff and stakeholders


This makes for greater all round effectiveness. People who are more adept at working with their minds and mental states perform better. That benefits their teams, their colleagues, clients, customers and all other stakeholders.

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