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Typical Course Content*


1. General introduction to meditation and mindfulness


2. Understanding and experiencing mind-body connection:

  • Defining conciousness, awareness, attention and ego-complex

  • Recognising stress manifestation signs and symptoms

  • Role of our mind in stress

  • Learning to respond to stress

  • Time and stress


3. Knowing your mind:

  • Understanding ego-complex, mind and conciousness

  • Function activity of ego-complex

  • Review of mindfulness and mindlessness

  • Identification of instances of mindfulness and mindlessness


4. Basic meditation techniques:

  • Introduction to meditation

  • Meditation practice on observing your breath

  • Meditation practice on observing your mind

  • Discussion of practice on Observing Your Mind and its applications


5. Focused attention:

  • Breath, our friend

  • Breath anchor for awareness

  • Meditation practice on breathing

  • Introducing mindful activity


6. Arousal states


7. Being in the present moment


8. Nonjudgmental acceptance & Letting go


9. Mindfulness in daily life


10. Self-compassion, being kind to your self


*Subject to change depending upon workshop, course or retreat.

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