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Meditation and Extraordinary Experience Workshop


9th Sep 2017


Time: 10am to 1pm


Venue: The Flame, 14 City Arcade, City centre, Coventry, CV13HW


£40.00 per person


Consistent meditation practice will inevitable lead one towards the attainment of extraordinary abilities that are the products of their meditation advancement. What do we mean by extraordinary?  There are 18 such extraordinary abilities which are divided into two categories, those that are minor such as Clairvoyance. (ability to glimpse a future event), Clairaudience. (ability to hear) telepathy, premonition (knowing events before they occur) and the major ones, which include, healing, achieving and manifesting desires and goals, in addition to several others.


Our workshop will explore the variety of these extraordinary abilities, learning how to cultivate them, recognize them and work with these abilities within a safe and secure environment.


Recent research have confirmed more than 50% of individuals who practice meditation have experienced at least one of these extraordinary events, and more than 60% found it to be highly meaningful and valuable to them.


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