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Shanta Panesar

  • Right-Mindfulness Meditation Trainer

  • Low Carb Nutritionist 


Coventry, West Midlands, UK


  • ​Accredited Right-Mindfulness Teacher


Shanta Panesar is a qualified nutritionist. She has written over 23 Low Carb cookbooks and 35 meal plans when working for and is a qualified Right Mindfulness teacher.


Many people through the use of her cookbooks, meal plans and workshops have regained and maintained control of their health and wellness.

This online workshop" Developing Healthy Eating Habits on Lockdown" combines her knowledge and experience of Mindfulness with her Mindful Eating and Low Carb practices.

Specialism; Mindful eating, Low Carb Nutrition

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Health Issues:

  • Depression, stress and anxiety

  • Weight issues/obesity 

  • Coping Skills

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Client focus:

  • Individuals 

  • Groups/family 


  • English

  • Punjabi

  • Bengali

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Treatment approach:

Types of Therapy
  • Right-Mindfulness introduction

1 to 1 mindfulness meditation class

£15 cost per session

x 4 sessions = £60

half-day workshop

£45 per person

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