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Talks and Presentations 


As part of the mission to provide reliable, up-to-date and authentic information about mindfulness, our expert team frequently gives talks and lectures world-wide on the topic of mindfulness. These presentations range from talks at academic, corporate, health and education settings and conferences.


Our prices are as follows:


£150 - 2 hours



We felt very relaxed after the mindfulness session and found the conference very informative and the 2 speakers were very interesting.


It was a good and varied day – privileged to experience mindfulness session from Dev Panesar. Brilliant! We enjoyed the well-being aspect being aimed at staff, especially after a challenging year for the organisation.


The mindfulness exercise was excellent and exactly the right duration. Very enjoyable. The conference had a really positive feel. The focus on mindfulness and flower remedies was really interesting and good for staff emotional well-being.

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