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The Flame's Mindfulness event breaking new ground at Coventry Cathedral for fourth year running


The Flame Centre is proud to announce its fourth ground breaking right-mindfulness event at the world famous Coventry Cathedral on Saturday 24th September 2016.


This event is for everyone interested in cultivating a safe, healthy and empowering mindfulness practice. This year’s event provides an exceptional insight into the personal transformational process associated with mindfulness meditation including its contra-indications and transpersonal growth indicators.


This year’s expert speakers include Dr Miguel Farias a specialist in the study of spiritual practices and beliefs. He is the co-author of ‘The Buddha Pill: Can Meditation Change You?”, a book that explores and challenges ideas about the benefits of meditation, and Dav Panesar, one of the pioneers of mindfulness based intervention for health and personal development, with over 20+ years of teaching experience in  contemplative  based approach to self development and actualising human potential.


With your participation, we hope to break the record from last year and lead the biggest collective mindfulness & self compassion mediation.


Be part of the change…..


A whole new approach to health and wellbeing. 



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