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At The Flame and Gurmat Therapy we always aim to provide a high level of service in all areas of our work.

This is why we welcome and value all feedback, good and bad, as this helps us to resolve issues, where possible, and improve the service that we provide to you in the future.

While we respect the right of supporters, service users and stakeholders to register their complaint with external organisations, we do request that our internal systems are exhausted before any external channels are used.

The aims of The Flame complaints procedure
We seek to ensure that:

It is simple to contact us – complaints can be received by filling the contact form below: 

Complaints are acknowledged and investigated as quickly as possible
You are kept updated and informed about the progress of your complaint
Ee listen thoroughly to all feedback to help us to review and improve our services
Ee communicate to you about any service improvements made as a result of your complaint.

What will happen next?

We will seek to provide a response to your complaint within 30 working days of receiving a complaint.


Thanks for submitting!
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