The Flame provides a WHOLE new approach to health and well-being like you have never seen before. We authentically break convention and have helped over 16,000 people regain control of their physical, mental and emotional health through our Right-Mindfulness and holistic health services. People learn to enable their body’s capacity to heal itself. 


Our results speak for themselves...


Meet Rory

Meet Lexi

Meet Jo & Evan

Meet Daniel

Meet Julie, Ruth, Izzie & 


Meet Anastasia 

Meet Jeff 

Meet Rhonna

Meet Simon

Meet Tracy (2 years later)

Meet Matt

Meet Silvia

Meet Tracy

Meet Chesca 

Meet Jackie

Meet Michelle 

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 The Flame, Mindfulness Holistic Health & Wellness centre; has transformed over 16,000 vulnerable lives through Mindfulness, Holistic Health and Wellness evidence-based health interventions.