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'The Flame retreat has helped me on my way to recovery from a mild form of blood cancer'


I recently attended the 3 day retreat on Mindfulness. 


I expected that the retreat would be about meditation and breathing exercise, however, when I attended I was blown away on what I actually experienced and gained from the was above and beyond my expectations!!!!It was the most amazing and life changing experience. 


On arrival, I was greeted and welcomed with such warmth and love – there wasa very positive and divine energy about the whole place. .. the beautiful five bedroom retreat house was literally brimming with the most soothing and healing energies I’ve ever come across. I felt so peaceful and light from the burden of troubles and worries I had walked in with. The surroundings, open fields, meadows, mountain..the whole ambiance was nothing short of a heavenly feeling…I honestly felt like I was in heaven!!!!


To add to the divine experience, fresh home -made vegetarian food was served 3 times a day.We were also blessed with beautiful weather, the sun shone brightly upon us.


We had the time and space to open up and share our most inner feelings with other group participants in a safe and supportive surrounding, which helped to enhance our healing process. We found great comfort from sharing our inner feelings with each other in the group – it truly helped us to heal.


I can honestly say that something had definitely moved for me during the retreat. It was as if a very big blockage had been removed… I believe my healing process started from that moment.


I have been diagnosed with Essential Thrombosis, which is a mild form of blood cancer that can progressively become serious and life threatening with age and state of health.The more I become stress and restless the more it will cause the platelets in my blood to rise.


Just two weeks after the retreat, I went for my routine 4 monthly blood test and discovered to my utmost pleasant surprise that the platelets in my blood had decreased by 10%  ..the decrease of blood platelets has never happened since I was diagnosed with this disease back in November 2015. For me, this is nothing short of a  miracle!!!


Since the retreat, I feel more relaxed and happy in myself. I can see a distinctive difference in my face and eyes.. I feel there is more life in my eyes and my skin looks more healthier.


I would like to help others by sharing my experience and highlight how the Mindfulness course has literally changed life, my thought process and my attitude to living a healthy and fulfilled life..

'There is something miraculous about the retreat that one can't really put into words'


Personal -


The retreat for me was a very BIG blessing in disguise, I got more than I originally anticipated. It was as though I went there with a tired and wounded soul and returned a wholesome full spirit that got all the support, love, nurturing and connection I craved. Every aspect of my being was attended to, from being safely hugged by the spacious sacred healing space of The Homestead, reconnecting with nature and finding my inner strength on our climb of the hills expedition and being fed not only physically with gorgeous wholesome food but spiritually, mentally and emotionally.


The retreat is a once in a lifetime treat, where you can take time out from the world and ask the bigger questions about life with two awesome people guiding you along the way. Dav and Pushy have created an epic healing space where one's needs are met above and beyond what you think you need. They have created a retreat that is freeing whilst engaging, full of abundance and more importantly..... a retreat with its simplicity allows you to leave with bags full of grace.


Professional - Person Centred Counsellor


I found the retreat healing on all levels and have been left memorised at the ease that Dav delivers his tailored sessions and the grace that he holds the whole being of attendees individually and collectively within the group.


Whilst I've attended many psychotherapeutic workshops, groups, weekends and courses... and not forgetting the odd retreat here and there. What the Flame offer is a different kettle of fish. They go right to the heart of the matter and see the individual for who they are, for the potential they bring and the full faith in that persons healing capacity.


It goes without saying that there are not many practitioners who can facilitate with such charm and grace, easily establishing a deep connection with each participant.


Dav and Pushy give a key ingredient to their attendees at the retreat, at the workshops and the flame.... And that is their SELF. In each and every encounter they are fully present, fully committed and genuinely rooting for the person who has come to them for help. True inspiration to all who come across them.


A big heart felt thank you 


Weekly health support classes in Right-Mindfulness Meditation, Qi Gong (Chi Kung), Qi Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga taught by expert facilitators with no less than 30+ years experience. We have helped over 30,000 people transform their health and wellness. Join us today.


We run the most life-changing and transformational integral health workshops and courses ranging from 'Introduction to right-mindfulness' workshop, Ancient Ayurveda, Ox Herder programmes and our profound MBi 8 week course led by Master Dav Panesar. We teach students the secrets of mind mastery & consciousness rooted in ancient, time-tested wisdom and mysticism. Isn't it time to take control of your health and wellbeing?


We deeply heal and transforms individual lives. Our unique experiential retreats are grounded in mindfulness and self-compassion; integrating transpersonal psychology, mind, body and heart medicine. Our retreats are intended to help in pragmatic, practical ways, facilitate you in realising and accessing our existing inner resilience and transpersonal understanding.

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