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Alexander Technique classes at the Flame 

Come and find out how good you can feel...





£7 drop-in rate for new people, then £28 for four weeks


Alexander Technique is about coming home to your body. Discover how you can feel more comfortable - physically and in your whole self - right now.


In the class you'll learn how to make small changes - letting your head balance easily on your spine, allowing your peripheral vision to help you, connecting to the ground under you - that make a big difference, and that you can apply wherever you are. When we let go of the tensions in our body, we feel quieter in our minds, more self-accepting and happier. When we allow our natural co-ordination to work, everything we do is easier.


The group is fun, relaxing, lively and supportive. You'll leave with a smile on your face and feeling like you're walking on air!


Here's what people say:


"I find Rachel's classes fun and informative. Rachel is friendly and open-hearted" 


"I really look forward to my Alexander class, an oasis of peace in a busy week. To learn how to stand, sit and move gracefully is like a revelation." 


"I really enjoyed my Alexander Technique classes, it was a very positive, happy experience."


"Alexander Technique really works, and Rachel is a kind, patient and knowledgeable teacher. Since working with her, I have received numerous compliments on how I walk with more grace and how much my posture has improved. A year on, and I continue to feel lighter and and more comfortable in my body. " 


One-to-one sessions are also available throughout the week:


Half hour: £25


45 minutes (recommended for beginners): £35


60 minutes: £42


For more information and to book, see


Find our calendar of classes at


Email Rachel at or phone 07981-753968

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