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The facilitator:


Sonya is an exuberant authentic leadership facilitator and co-founder of The Flame. She is passionate about exposing the joy of human connection; her unique expertise lie in human health and wellness, morality marketing and ethical communications. Sonya approaches both professional and personal development from a mindful standpoint and encourages individuals to tap into their human potential through mindfulness which results in individuals leading authentically. 


She has led international, national and regional projects with a focus on transforming health and wellness on individuals through mindfulness and holistic health; driving positive environmental impact, thus fostering impactful community development which overall ensures the challenging of long term problems in society. 


Sonya encourages individuals to embrace healthy and authentic leadership methods through mindfulness and the cultivation of spiritual intelligence, which in turn influence their character and how they perform and communicate on a professional and personal level. After her workshops, people learn how to 'embody' their leadership qualities. From a business perspective this greatly drives an ethical marketing and communication strategies that promote resilient thought leadership; businesses go beyond the product and service to achieve robust brand awareness and credibility. Sonya has worked with over 200 organisations with a 'purpose' to foster healthy authentic leadership and focus within individuals. 


Sonya has independently led an international humanitarian mission over 3 years, recruited the support and donations of thousands which has resulted in a remote and impoverished village in rural Tanzania to have access to clean safe drinking water (4 clean water wells) from conception to delivery, sonya overseas and leads projects with a purpose to excel and achieve turbulent goals. 

Authentic Leadership 1-day workshop


Date: 2nd August 2020


Time: 10.30am - 5pm

Price: £125 per person

10 spaces available


(NOTE: All proceeds will go to The Flame, Mindfulness Holistic Health & Wellness centre; transforming vulnerable lives through Mindfulness, Holistic Health and Wellness evidence based health interventions)




The core elements of an authentic individual:

  • Self awareness

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Not being influenced by others


  1. Are you leading authentically everyday?

  2. Are you tapped into your real inner purpose?

  3. Do you embrace your strengths and utilise your power as an authentic leader?

  4. Are you allowing spiritual intelligence to guide your direction?


Spiritual Intelligence is the profound consciousness within us all that recognises inner purpose - In this workshop you will learn from the collective wisdom and genius of other peers and professionals, as you transform the way you live, work and lead. Join a diverse group of individuals to explore critical factors contributing to and detracting from your professional success and personal fulfillment.


This workshop is based on our comprehensive spiritual intelligence and authentic leadership program. Authentic leaders have a true desire to serve others with their skills. They focus on empowering people rather than grabbing for power, money or prestige for themselves. They build lasting relationships and those around them understand, trust and follow them.


Authentic leaders are guided by their own inner values and follow their own convictions and passions. They use their own talents while supporting others.


  • Learn to lead from your natural gifts

  • Learn how not to be influenced by others

  • Learn why the only way out, is in


Spiritual intelligence finds deeper meaning and purpose beyond the ego.


•  Feel greater fulfilment 

•  Find deeper meaning and purpose 

•  Turn negative into positive thoughts & emotions

•  Employ your full resources and be your best in any situation

•  Wisdom, compassion, integrity, joy, love, creativity, peace

•  Help others and improve society by using a higher dimension of your intelligence


Personal Benefits:


As the intelligence of the true self, beyond the ego, spiritual intelligence has many benefits that exceed the scope of intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence. Freedom from ego grants wisdom and clarity of vision, combined with more empathy and compassion, which increases creativity and intuition, and results in greater personal fulfilment and better performance on important life skills and work skills. Spiritual intelligence therefore represents the most powerful resource for personal and professional growth and fulfilment.


Over the day you’ll:

  • Learn how Mindfulness leads to enhancing spiritual intelligence/authentic leadership

  • Get practice recognising and speaking your truth, in a way that connects you more with yourself and with others

  • Learn to speak from what truly matters to you, in any interaction


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