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Spring Equinox Retreat®

Date: 29th March - 31st March 2019
Venue: The Homestead, Shropshire | Price: £375 | Places: 4 SPACES


Planting the seeds in the right season and conditions bears fruits


The spring equinox marks the beginning of a cycle for growth, development and transformation. The Universe operates in cycles and rhythms, there is an energy that enables every moment to unfold, moment to moment, within you and throughout existence in its entirety.  

The seeds only germinate and flourish if they are planted in the right season, the Spring equinox provides you to synchronise both within and with the world around.

The Spring equinox retreat is an opportunity for you :

·       To plant your desires for the coming year

·       Top synchronise your mind, body and spirit with the natural universal energy cycles

·       To harvest the energy and rhythm of the natural universal energy cycle to fulfil ambition

·       To learn how to plant the seeds of your intentions so they bring the fruits and flowers of your desires.

·       A weekend to clear the old and cultivate the new.

·       A weekend of meditations, ceremonies, music, nature, song, and shamanic journeying.


Is it time for you to take control of your life, your growth, development and health?  

Is it time for renewal?

Set in beautiful ancient hills and moors of cryosphere with like-minded people come together to synchronize themselves with the natural universal energies.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is perfect for anyone who has a basic understanding of meditation and spirituality.

Those wishing to align their mind, body and spirit

Those interested in aligning themselves with the natural universal cycles

Those interested in self-discover, self-development

Those looking to discover the next level of self-actualisation towards self-realisation.


Who is the retreat run by?

This transformative retreat is facilitated by mindfulness teacher and Gurmat transpersonal psychology specialist Dav Panesar.


Dav has managed to integrate his education in science, consciousness studies and transpersonal psychology with his considerable experience of over 25 years as a mindfulness practitioner and a life style grounded in authenticity and holistic self-growth.

He is the founder of Gurmat psychology, (Consciousness based Psychology) integrating psychology, consciousness studies, human development with ancient wisdom  to successfully develop life-transformative retreats and programs.  

Dav has been organising and running retreats in Spain and UK for many years. Dav is perhaps the first mindfulness researcher and teacher to combine mindfulness and transpersonal psychology towards a more complete sense of well being and harmony with self, others, nature and beyond.

What can I expect from the retreat?

A time for learning, having fun, cultivating meditation, quiet self-reflection, beautiful nature walks along flowing streams and moors. The retreat is personalised and adapted to the needs of the people attending. You will be able to enjoy nutritious, local, seasonal food for the duration of your stay.

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