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Open discussion exploring the only certainty in life - 'Death'

To know life, is to know death


Saturday 3rd Febuary 2018 at 10am - 1pm

Venue: The Flame, 14 City Arcade, CV13HW


(NOTE: All donations will go to The Flame, Mindfulness Holistic Health & Wellness centre; transforming vulnerable lives through Mindfulness, Holistic Health and Wellness evidence based health interventions)


  • What do you know about death?

  • What have you done to prepare for it?

  • When did you begin?

Death is the only certainty in life, yet our appalling avoidance and disregard about the phenomenon of death, as well as a deep spiritual ignorance about its meaning leaves us totally at the mercy of this certainty. Your death is born with you; now you cannot escape it. Countdown to death begins the moment you take your first breath.


We can not avoid death, but by learning about death, we can transform our experience of death, dying and the process of bereavement. 


In our learning about death workshop, you will gain a clear understanding about what happens to us as the moment of death approaches, the process of dying, role of consciousness in dying . The workshop will focus on:-


  • What dies?

  • The process of dying

  • The wisdom of ancient teachings about death (Tibetan understanding of the bardo states) and NDE’s

  • Life is only meaningful if death is known


You have hidden it in yourself – become aware of it. The moment you become aware that you are going to die, that death is certain, your total mind will start looking in a different dimension.

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