In a nutshell, The Flame® was born from the little treasure that is 'Craft Culture'. For all those unaware, Craft Culture, was a small and humble Fair Trade retail outlet, based in Coventry's Lower Prescient. The shop was full of beautiful hand carved and recycled crafts from all over the globe; ranging from Buddha's, African Masks, Egyptian treasures, Indian Gifts to Earthly Incense, healing crystals and more. Being a big believer in unfathomable intelligence of consciousness, The Universe and Meta-physics, the Craft Culture team were far from your average shop owners. Powerful energies attracted the most unique people to Pushy's shop and as their diverse customer base grew, so did their dream. As the years went by, the CC team delved in to conversation and exchange with people from all different backgrounds and beliefs. From Ancient Astrologists, to Reiki healers, to herbal doctors to Physicists,  Native Shamans and many many more. The shop turned into a meeting place for all sorts of people to exchange knowledge and talk about their ideals, spirituality and the science of consciousness. Many people asserted that they 'felt at peace' at Craft Culture and felt like they could 'be there selves'. The CC team held many small events/meetings/classes for people to discuss spirituality, transpersonal health, wellness and mental health. Pushy also ran several charity events hosted by Craft Culture and encouraged local artists, carpenters and creatives to showcase their work in Craft Culture.


Some may think that the unique nature of the shop is the reason so many different people visited, however that alone could not explain the visitors regular visits to Craft Culture. The simple driving force was the CC team. Their love, compassion and passion for helping people is something rooted in her soul. The CC team prides their self on giving. The act of being 'selfless' is one to be admired and the CC team takes a very humanitarian approach when dealing with their customers. Not only did they build a loyal client base, by naturally providing life/spiritual counseling, but they encouraged those who approached her to adopt Right-Mindfulness, Holistic Health practices and Ancient Wisdom practices for wellness to develop their life, happiness and well-being.


For five years the CC team opened an array of opportunities that they were not even aware off and a simple yet profound journey began...Craft Culture then began providing free mindfulness sessions for almost two years, led by one of the leading pioneers of Mindfulness in the UK, Dav Panesar. Over 500 people attended and benefited from these sessions. Craft Culture began holding a selection of workshops with a very unique flavor. Traditional Yoga, Indian Science of Healing Ayurveda, Chinese Reiki Healing & Qi Kung, just to name a few. One of the most important elements was the Craft Culture, Mindfulness, Compassion & self-discovery retreat that was held in Spain in September 2010.


From this idea the CC team were faced with a whole spectrum of opportunity arose...and to keep this Simple, Craft Culture then opened The Flame, Mindfulness, Holistic Health and Wellness Centre. 10 years + later, we have transformed the lives, mental health, over well-being of 16,000+ individuals internationally, with our life-affirming multidisciplinary medicine approach to health led by Co-Director's Dav Panesar and Pushy Kaur.

In 2020, we relocated to our new centre- our very own multidisciplinary medicine centre based just outside of the city centre. The Flame is now equipped with a brand new Ayurvedic massage room and two beautiful workshop and class spaces, decorated and influenced by The Flame’s authentic raw, pure, nature and Indic wisdom. Thank you to our beautiful volunteers and Flame Family for supporting this sacred expansion and house of wisdom. The new space is deeply healing, majestic and holds the energy of supreme consciousness in every corner. The Flame remains alight after over a decade of transforming the lives, mental health and well-being of 16,000+ individuals







A new weekly class timetable for Right-Mindfulness meditation, Yoga, Chi Kung, Kundalini Yoga, Tai Chi & more will be announced shortly, and we are open for business from 7th September 2020.

You can begin making appointments for the following services on our website:

From the pioneers in Mind Body & Heart medicine. We are back open to serve humanity!



We would personally like to thank our selfless volunteers for putting in tireless hours to support our moves along the way.


'We do small things with great love'



Weekly holistic health support classes in Right-Mindfulness Meditation, Qi Gong (Chi Kung), Qi Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga taught by authentic expert facilitators with no less than 30+ years experience. and rooted in ancient eastern wisdom. We have helped over 20,000 people transform their health and wellness. Join us today.


Rooted in 5000+ year old ancient wisdom, we run the most life-changing and transformational integral health workshops and courses founded by international pioneer and health expert Master Dav Panesar. We teach students the secrets behind mind mastery & consciousness rooted in time-tested alchemy and mysticism. Activating optimal health, inner-awakening & self-discovery. Isn't it time to invest in yourself and take control of your health and wellbeing?


We deeply heal and transform individuals lives. Our unique and highly experiential retreats are grounded in eastern wisdom, right-mindfulness and self-compassion; integrating transpersonal psychology, mind, body and heart medicine. Our retreats are intended to help in pragmatic, practical ways, facilitate you in realising and accessing our existing inner resilience and transpersonal understanding.