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Flame Retreats®


The Flame Retreats® led by world class expert with 30+ years experience, are deeply healing and life-changing, aiding transformational health, wellness and self-discovery. They are in a tranquil sanctuary, set within the Shropshire hills in the midst of the stunning, peaceful and outstanding natural beauty, called the Long Mynd. Our luxurious venue “The Homestead” overlooks the stunning mountains and endless green fields, embodying a warm, friendly and inviting environment, which many describe as “home from home”.  

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Exclusive Summer Solstice Retreat: Awakening, Holistic Health, Wellness & Human Potential®
A once in a lifetime immersive experience of authentic holistic healing and restoration for your mind, body and heart at summer solstice in Shropshire Hills, area of Outstanding Natural Beauty 

Date:​ Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th June 2023 

Venue: The Homestead, Shropshire Hills of Outstanding Natural Beauty | 7 Spaces available 

Summer Flame £100 discount applied until 18th June 2023

Building on our 20+ years' experience of running retreats worldwide, The Flame Retreats® have uniquely brought together world class expertise, authentic ancient wisdom and the latest science in human development to deliver a profound retreat experience with positive and transformative impact on our health, wellbeing and personal development. 


Our life-changing Summer Solstice Retreat is about actualising your potential, its about uncovering hidden barriers, and catalysing transformation by synchronising with the natural organic universal cycles, drawing on their energy to help you achieve your potential, like a flower that begins to transform into a fruit. The Summer Solstice Retreat is a journey into the healing and transformative energies of fire, earth, water, air and space to create a crucible of magic within us. Join us for an exclusive, transformational and rejuvenating journey as we celebrate the enchanting Summer Solstice.

This is your chance to step away from the busyness of your everyday life and reconnect with yourself during a transformational and rejuvenating holistic health retreat in the outstandingly beautiful Shropshire hills. Over three days, you will embark on a life-changing journey of self-healing and self-discovery through carefully curated classes and workshops led by world class experts in fields of cutting-edge science, holistic health, mind and consciousness. Everyone is in need of an opportunity to slow down, calm the parasympathetic nervous system and deeply rest! 

During this transformative retreat weekend, you will be working with a world-renowned Right-Mindfulness pioneer and Transpersonal Health expert, Master Dav Panesar, who will create a safe and supportive space for your journeying and healing. Our intention for this exclusive retreat is to create a space of transformation and renewal, where we can release old patterns and open ourselves up to new possibilities. Throughout our flame retreat weekend, we will also have time for self-care, reflection, and integration. We will enjoy nourishing vegetarian and Ayurvedic meals, nature walks, and other activities designed to support our journey and deepen our connection to the natural world.

Harnessing the summer solstice universal energy, we will aid you to practically synchronise and align your bio and circadian rhythms with the universal wave for health, wellbeing and success. Awaken your mind, body and heart by practicing authentic right-mindfulness meditation, qi gong flow, embodied hatha yoga and pranayama therapy to the backdrop of lush countryside and hills.


Release energetic blockages, experience real energy healing and inner awakening through eastern healing modalities which include medicinal ayurvedic massages and intuitive vedic astrological readings (at an additional cost). Stimulate your taste bud's with our home cooked, delicious, ayurvedic vegetarian cuisine and cherish solo time spent journaling, reflecting, and taking wonderful walks among nature. 

This weekend getaway is an engaging and transformational experience that not only offers a physical rest, psychological, emotional contentment and rejuvenation, but also offers us the knowledge and practical approach to self-compassion and self-care, food as medicine and movement to cultivate both internal health and increasing agility and energy. 

The retreat offers the ultimate a safe haven to unwind, transform and revitalise – making you healthier, happier and feeling whole with life changing results. 

The Flame Retreats® are facilitated by recognised specialists and world class experts in Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda & transpersonal development: 

  • Reduce anxiety, stress and depression​

  • Improve functioning of immune and nervous system 

  • Strengthen self-worth

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Cultivate self-care

  • Learn to let go

  • Renewing life

  • Create new life pathways

  • Improve health, wellbeing and relationships

  • Equip yourself with effective practical skills to help others

Who is it for?

  • Everyone who wishes to bring peace and health into their life

  • Everyone who wishes to learn about authentic holistic health interventions rooted in eastern wisdom

  • Everyone who wishes to arm themselves with preventative measures against ill-health 

  • For therapists and other health professionals



The cost of this retreat includes accommodation, training, full-board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) including dinner on the Friday evening, through to lunch on the Sunday (all vegetarian, ayurvedic, regional and organic food).
Including shared bathroom facilities. 

Cost options (Summer Flame £100 discount applied until 18th June 2023):

  1. £595 - (was £695 - per person for a private room in-house (double bed) - 2 available 

  2. £495- (was £595 - per person for a shared room in-house (single bed) 

You will need to make your own way to the venue which is set in the national trust countryside in Shropshire. There is parking available and collection from Church Stretton train station can be arranged.

On this exclusive retreat, we may be able to offers a number of additional integral health therapies and modalities including: 

  • Ayurvedic Medicinal Massages £60.00

  • Intuitive readings £55.00

  • 1-2-1 Embodied Yoga (Asanas = postures) and Pranayama (Breath) therapy £55.00

Once you have booked your space, we will send you a email with all the necessary information prior to the retreat.

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Press play on the videos below to see examples of our accommodation: 

Your holistic health and healing specialists, teachers and expert retreat guides: 

Master Dav Panesar

With 35+ years renowned experience, Master Dav Panesar is an world class renowned expert and specialist in transforming health and wellness, He is a mind-body & heart medicine expert, pioneer of right-mindfulness based health intervention in the UK and a prominent figure in transpersonal (psycho-spiritual) & transformative health and wellness interventions, as well as a Public speaker. He is a pioneer of right-mindfulness and contemplative based health interventions in the UK, with over 30 years of experience in developing, teaching and working with right-mindfulness, and mindfulness-based approaches and models within the health, public and the private sector that has earned him international respect and recognition, making him and his approaches highly sought after. Master Dav facilitates all the Right-Mindfulness classes, workshops, courses and retreats at The Flame. Master Dav founded the revolutionary Gurmat Therapy health model that redefines, health, wellbeing and what it means to be human.

Health support classes:

Every Tuesday | 1.00pm - 2.00pm | The Flame Coventry | £5.00

Every Thursday | 5.30pm - 6.30pm | The Flame Coventry | £5.00

Ran free sessions weekly, every Thurs & Sun to over 4000+ people on Facebook Live

Pushy Kaur

With 20+ years in practice, Integral Health and Wellness Specialist Pushy Kaur is a holistic health expert and long term advocate, specialising in providing a unique and multidisciplinary medicine approach to human health that integrates Ancient health-based wisdom practices, e.g. Ayurveda, Astrology, Sacred sound cellular healing combined with Crystal healing health interventions. She is a specialist in integral holistic and Transpersonal health, a Gurmat Psycho-spiritual Therapist, Right-Mindfulness teacher, Flame Wellbeing Rx assessor and experiential life mentor. She is trained in Ancient Ayurvedic medicine (food and massage) which focuses on the development and optimisation of whole human health and wellbeing. Pushy also leads sessions, cuisine and supports holding space at The Flame Retreats.

Register for your free Wellbeing Rx prescription consultation here

Book an Ayurvedic massage here


Sonya Kaur

With 10+ years in practice, Sonya founded the 'Ancient Feminine Wisdom Series' which focuses on teaching women how to optimise their reproductive and general health and wellbeing through ancient feminine wisdom, holistic practices and indigenous medicine. She is a specialist in transmitting authentic yogic wisdom for health, integral holistic healing and multidisciplinary medicine; Sonya's expertise lies in providing a unique 'whole' approach to improving human health that integrates Ancient wisdom practices, embodied yoga and pranayama therapy through the renowned Gurmat Health model. She bridges the gap between science & spirituality through her dedication to the exploration of neuroscience and epigenetics. Sonya is a Gurmat Psycho-spiritual Therapist, Wellbeing Rx assessor, experiential life mentor & authentic yoga and right-mindfulness meditation teacher. She focuses on the development and flourishing of human health and wellness through training and flourishing of the mind and human condition.

Learn more about our Ancient Feminine Wisdom Series

Every Tuesday | Authentic Embodied Yoga & Pranayama class | 6.00pm - 7.00pm

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