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Introduction to Mindfulness

1 - day workshop

16th November 2019


Introduction offer £150.00 



Mindfulness is the practice which enables one to intentionally cultivate awareness and enable engagement with our present moment circumstances with clarity, calmness and most importantly without the psychological pressure of stress, anxiety or pain.


In simple words, Mindfulness is the ability to disengage from the constant mental chatter by learning to let-go of the past behind us nor projecting ourselves into a future, but to learn to remain in the present moment in a non judgemental and compassionate manner.


Mindfulness teaches us to live in the present moment where our real lives are unfolding, where we can make skilful, life-enhancing choices.


Mindfulness is learning to pay attention to our thoughts, emotions and body sensations in a way that can increase our awareness, help us manage difficult experiences, and create space for wise choices.


Mindfulness or more correctly  “right-mindfulness” is rooted in ancient Asiatic traditions with over 2500 years of practical evidence in its approach, impact and the transformation process.


Mindfulness has become the subject of increasing scientific research and has rapidly grown into an essential skill to learn, cultivate and develop in order to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, pain in addition to improving health, well being and quality of life. It is the Solution to stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain.


The Flame centre for Mindfulness has helped many people to regain their health through its mindfulness based workshops, courses and weekend residential retreats. Our “One Day Mindfulness (right-mindfulness) workshop” has been specifically designed to meet the needs of those who wish learn and apply mindfulness in their everyday life. 


Mindfulness has demonstrated itself to be exceptionally effective in helping reduce stress, increase well being, improve health, and provide clarity of mind, increase productivity, creativity and efficiency.


•           Reduce stress, anxiety and mental fatigue

•           Regain health and wellness

•           Responsive decision making

•           Adapting to change

•           Greater Clarity of mind

•           Sharper focus

•           Improved quality of life

•           Improved health & well being

•           Reduce health risk factors



Our workshops provide an opportunity to work with one of the UK leading experts and pioneers of Mindfulness based intervention in health and in business with over 20 plus years of teaching mindfulness experience

Sessions are limited to 16 participants and will be based at our Warwick Science Park facilities. Food and drink, including lunch, is included in the ticket price.





Davinder Panesar

Our mindfulness courses and workshops are facilitated by a world class pioneer of Mindfulness in the work place. Dav Panesar is a world class pioneer in the use of Mindfulness in business. He has over 20 years experience in coaching individuals and organisations in applying mindfulness to reduce stress, increase productivity and responsible decision making.  Dav’s has not only designed and taught mindfulness based programs but has the experience of incorporating Mindfulness within his own highly successful businesses. 




09:30 Registration/Tea and Coffee 10:00 Workshop starts (there will be a 30min break for lunch)16:30 Workshop ends


Workshop outcomes: At the end of the workshop you will have learnt:-

  • What is mindfulness and its relationship to mental and physical health

  • To cultivate present moment awareness

  • To practically incorporate mindfulness in everyday activities 

  • To develop your own practice

  • To apply practical and effective methods to reduce states such as anxiety, stress, fear and anger 

  • To apply practical method to invoke positive and healthy mental states. 

  • Basics of mindful eating



Technology House, 
Sir William Lyons Road,

University of Warwick Science Park,

Coventry, CV4 7EZ

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