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Low Carb and Mindful Eating Workshop for Weight loss

& Health

Date: 10th August 2022
Time: 2.00pm - 5.00pm
You can attend online or in-house
Price: £55.00 per person


Being sedentary, stress, less social interaction, loneliness and boredom are key triggers for grazing, snacking on sweet stuff, eating more junk food and weight gain.

On the Low Carb and Mindful Eating Workshop for Weight Loss and Health you discover and experience new mindfulness skills and strategies to improve your physical, mental and emotional health.
This workshop also introduces self-compassion and self-acceptance to empower you and to replace self-criticism with self-care so you can develop healthier eating habits and a more mindful relationship to food, eating, your weight and yourself.
Carbohydrates create inflammation of cells which can lead to illness and weight gain. So, it makes sense to lower carb intake and look after your health.
A Low Carb Approach is a common choice for individuals who wish to lose weight and eat more healthily including those who are pre-diabetic, type 2 diabetic and obese. It is also a preventative measure for many other diseases including cancer, dementia, heart disease and stroke

This workshop brings together best practices in low carb nutrition, mind-body science and practical applications, to give you the tools to regain your health and wellbeing.

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Why join?

  • To develop healthy eating habits 

  • To develop a more mindful relationship to food, eating, your weight and yourself

  • To lose weight and keep the weight off 

  • To improve your physical health 

  • To enhance your mental wellbeing and emotional health 

  • To prevent illnesses and disease 

  • To lower blood glucose and place Type 2 diabetes in remission 

What to expect


What you will learn:

  • How carbs harm your health

  • How to lose weight and manage weight loss healthily

  • To know how to low carb affordably

  • To be able to develop a more Mindful approach to eating

  • How to reduce the risk of high carb related illnesses and diseases

Tofu Salad

Read Shanta's bio >


Shanta Panesar is a qualified Low Carb nutritionist. She has written over 23 Low Carb cookbooks and 35 meal plans when working for and is a qualified Right Mindfulness teacher.

Many people through the use of her cookbooks, meal plans and workshops have regained and maintained control of their health and wellness.

This online "Low Carb and Mindful Eating Workshop for Weight Loss and Health" brings together 10 years of Low Carb expertise and Mindful Eating practices as well as 10 years Right Mindfulness Meditation practice.

Secure your place by booking online

Healthy Woman

“It’s really simple and very straightforward to follow. So if you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle simply follow a low carb lifestyle. Go on it’s easy and the meals are delicious”.  Julie Walker
14/03/2020, lost 12 lbs

Fresh Vegetables

“ Really worthwhile workshop with a breath of learning experiences. As well a thorough and well presented explanation of the science behind  and the trends in Low Carb, the theory was brought to life by our planning our own Low Carb meals, with guidance of the trainer. Highly recommended”.  Sharon Kaur 11/04/2020 Lost 10 pounds

Image by Brenda Godinez

“The benefits of a low carb approach for health and weight loss was an essential element covered today. A key eye opener was that there are a lot of alternatives for high carb foods which we take for granted and buy when grocery shopping. I don’t normally include low carb alternatives, mentioned today, in my shopping and will do so, for example, celeriac instead of potato, quinoa instead of rice and vanilla essence instead of sugar. I am now able to incorporate a low carb approach into my lifestyle. I understood today that a low carb approach helps the body to function optimally and brings about balance of different elements in the body.”
Jeevanjot Sihota, July 2021

Image by Brooke Lark

“Thank you for the great course and wonderful hospitality today when I attended the Low Carb & Mindful Eating Workshop.  The content was informative and helpful, providing a comprehensive framework from which to develop my own application of low carb mindful eating holistically. 

The opportunity to taste some delightful low carb and delicious food in calm and comfortable surroundings was a bonus. It was lovely to meet you.”

Leigh Loughran, August 2021

Healthy Pizza

“I understand how highly processed foods impact my health which has helped me to revisit and change my shopping and eating habits.”
Rhona Daily November 2021

Healthy Food

“I found the Low Carb Workshop practical, useful and informative. The facilitator was friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject. It was evidenced with research back up. Devising my own 3-day low carb meal plans and options for replacing high carb foods with low carb swaps were my favourite parts of the workshop. Thank you to Shanta Panesar for the information packed and experiential workshop.”
Jaspreet Singh November 2021

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