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Mindful Eating:

One day experiential 



Introduction offer £150.00 


Practical Approach to Mindful Eating:

Have you noticed that we are seldom aware of our eating habits, in fact, we rarely take the time to really recognise our hunger, nor truly savour just a bite, let alone a meal on our food?.  Mindless eating can be is our automated behaviour which unless addressed tends to impact our health, wellbeing and more importantly, relationship with food in a negative manner.As a result, we are unaware of the type of hunger that triggers our compulsion to eat,  to eat when are not physically hungry, eat more than necessary and eating unhealthily.

Diets that teach us to restrict our calorie intake or eliminate certain foods have proven to be unsustainable. Around 95% of people who lose weight by dieting will regain it in 1-5 years, and our dieting can cultivate an unhealthy relationship to food.


About the one day workshop:


In this experiential workshop you will learn about the various types of hunger, how to identify unconscious triggers to compulsive eating, learn new practical and simple techniques to become mindful in your eating and even cooking habits. The workshop will introduce a variety of mindfulness techniques including eating exercises, guided meditations which help with physical and emotional eating challenges.


You will learn how to use your mental, emotional and body’s cues to guide your decisions in eating, knowing how much to eat and to eat without feeling guilty or over eating. The workshop will introduce self-compassion and kindness, to empower you to replace self-criticism with self-nurturing and gain control over concerns about food, dieting, eating, and weight management.


This workshop is based on the Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) programme, which was developed and clinically tested by Dr. Jean Kristeller at Indiana State University. A growing evidence base suggests that the MB-EAT programme is highly effective in helping people manage unruly eating habits and lose weight.


·       No prior mindfulness experience or knowledge required

·       This workshop is suitable for those who have a personal interest in applying mindful eating principles in their own livesAn invaluable resource for weight management and getting the most out of food




Davinder Panesar

Our mindfulness courses and workshops are facilitated by a world class pioneer of Mindfulness in the work place. Dav Panesar is a world class pioneer in the use of Mindfulness in business. He has over 20 years experience in coaching individuals and organisations in applying mindfulness to reduce stress, increase productivity and responsible decision making.  Dav’s has not only designed and taught mindfulness based programs but has the experience of incorporating Mindfulness within his own highly successful businesses. 



Technology House, 
Sir William Lyons Road,

University of Warwick Science Park,

Coventry, CV4 7EZ

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