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The Ox Herder - 10 bulls of Zen

10 life changing experiential workshops


"A secular path to spiritual intelligence"

2024 date to be confirmed (10 MONTH PROGRAMME
Once a month -
10.00am - 12.30pm (Please arrive at 9.45am to register)
Next date will be announced at the end of each session
From Right-mindfulness, where next?

A profound journey of self-discovery, self-development and growth, through 10 experiential and life transforming workshops integrating mindfulness, psychology, deep meditation and self-development techniques.


We enter on a rare pilgrimage. The Ox herder also known as the Ten Bulls of Zen are something unique in the history of human consciousness. Truth has been expressed in many ways, and it has always been found that it remains unexpressed whatsoever you do.


Howsoever you express it, it eludes, it is elusive. It simply escapes description. The words that you use for it cannot contain it. And the moment you have expressed, immediately you feel frustrated as if the essential has been left behind and only the nonessential has been expressed. The Ten Bulls of Zen have tried in a single effort to express the inexpressible. So first, something about the history of these ten bulls.


No one really knows the origin of the Ox herder. The Ox herder has been used over the past 1000 years by succeeding generations of Ch'an (Zen & Taoist) masters to assist their students to progress toward self-realization, enlightenment and self-sovereignty.


It is with this intention that we bring to you this unique and exclusive program. This unique self-development program consists of 10 workshops over a period of 10 months, one half-day workshop per month, in which participants are introduced to a series of “steps” to guide them to cultivate deeper insights and contentment towards the realization of their true and essential nature.


The Ox herder approach illustrates the stages of one’s progression towards the healing of mind and emotions as well as the subsequent engaging into the world out of wisdom, compassion and ethics. Taking participants through ten stages and states of personal journey and self-discovery, arriving at their centre. Each workshop will focus on enabling participants to understand and directly experience each stage of the process.


Who is the Ox herder for?

  • Anyone with genuine interest in self-knowledge & self-discovery

  • Anyone interested in Self-actualisation & self-realisation

  • Anyone wishing to develop the authentic path of Mindfulness (meditation)

  • Anyone interested in cultivating authenticity

  • Anyone wishing to improve self image & self-esteem

  • Anyone wishing to discover the source of their being






“Life changing”

“Life improving”

“Incredibly empowering”





Master Davinder Singh Panesar is a mind-body and heart medicine advocate, pioneer of right-mindfulness based health intervention and a prominent figure in transpersonal (psycho-spiritual) & transformative health and wellness medicine. 


Under the guidance and teachings of several self-realised masters and highly respected academics over his lifetime, he has developed an exceptionally effective mindfulness and transpersonal approach to cultivating optimum health and wellbeing.


This approach addresses the central and essential question, what is it to be human and how to fulfil human potential.  Dav has developed and delivers experiential retreats, workshops and courses which have enabled individuals to regain their health and move towards self-actualisation, self-realisation and self-sovereignty.


This personal & transpersonal health & wellness approach has enabled thousands of individuals a safe and effective route to regain their wellbeing and develop further.


He is a scientist, entrepreneur and psychotherapist, with degrees in chemistry and microbiology, business and transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies. 


His expertise in Eastern psychology, together with his background in science, psychology and mindfulness and 25 years of experiential training and guidance, have rendered him and his work highly contemporary, effective and sought after.


Master Dav was a highly successful entrepreneur who has dedicated his life, to promoting holistic approaches to health, wellbeing and the development of human potential.

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