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Restore, Strengthen & Enhance Immunity®

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Join our 21 Day online programme to Practically 

Build Your Immunity 

As used by Key Frontline Health Workers as Strengthening Solutions


The RiSE® initiative provides thousands of individuals practical solutions to Restore, Strengthen & Enhance their immune system to restore health and fight against infection, both mentally & physically.

Our body is a self-healing and self-protecting system, in which there is the immune system, the bodys natural defense system against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

In these times of chaos, anxieties, confusion, insecurities and fears, there is an urgent need to help individuals to reduce, avoid and eliminate the impact of anxiety, stress, depression, grief and anger on our mental, emotional, physical health. We need to discover our source of inner strength, guidance and growth. 

Negative mental triggers result in acute stress reactions, burnout, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and ‘moral injury’ which significantly reduces the body's immunity to fight infection and disease. 

Government's don't stop viruses.

The body's immunity does.


During periods of fear, anger and anxiety our body's immune system is seriously impacted, increasing the risks of infection
& disease causing agents.
Image by Frank Busch
Image by Mitchell Griest

What is RiSE®?

In just 21 days, with your internal dedication and commitment, our online programme can completely transform your mental, physical and emotional health.


The RiSE® programme (21 Days to Practically Build your Immunity) has been developed by Mind Body & Heart Medicine pioneers and Transpersonal health experts with nothing less than 30+ years experience. We are providing you with scientifically backed, practical solutions, that have been proven to Restore, Strengthen and Enhance the body's immune system in order to protect themselves against infection.


The body's immune system is significantly impaired when the mind is trapped within stress, fear or anxiety. The RiSE consists of specific evidence-based time tested techniques that have proven themselves to Restore, Strengthen & Enhance overall health (Mental, Physical and Emotional Health).

  • Why Restore?: Stress, fear and anxiety all are known to reduce and weaken the bodys immune system, making the body very susceptible to illness, infections and diseases. Studies again and again have demonstrated the profound impact of Right Mindfulness interventions on reducing and eliminate unhealthy states such as fear, stress, anxiety and depression.

    So our first practical solution is to help you to “switch off” the flight & fight” stress response system to allow your body to RESTORE its natural immune system


  • Why Strengthen?: The metta meditation is an extremely powerful 2000 year old self-compassion meditation that has demonstrated its impact on reducing unhealth psychological states, build resilience, improve self confidence, self esteem strengthening the body's overall health including the immune system

  • Why enhance?: During moments of fear or anger, our heart rate variability is greatly affected, 3 mins of anger can disrupt the heart rate variability up to 6 hours. This continuous impact on the body not only impacts the immune system but severely impacts the body's electromagnetic field. 

What to do next?


  1. Purchase our online programme for as little as £30 (the cost of 1-2 unhealthy takeaways!)

  2. You will be sent an email with your access details and provided with daily instructions & health schedule for 21 days that have scientifically demonstrated to:

  • Repair, restore and rejuvenate the biological systems within the body.

  • Cultivate mental wellbeing.

  • Reducing anxiety, stress and depression.

  • Enhancing self-esteem, self-confidence and emotional wellbeing.

  • Strengthening the body's nervous system, balancing the endocrine system and harmonising heart-brain coherence. 

Image by Xavier Mouton Photographie

 frontline rise® advocates 

Nikki M

Nursing Home Manager

Brenda M


Rhonna D
Social Prescribing Link Worker

Purchase your online 21 Days to Practically build your Immunity programme HERE

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