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Psycho-spiritual (PS) approach to mindfulness

8 week course (MBi)

Health begins with the mind, those ignorant of the mind are ignorant of health.


Human health consists of four interrelated components, mental, emotional, physical, and transpersonal health, and wellbeing (spiritual or consciousness).


Our 8-week right-mindfulness (MBi) course is unique as it integrates all four components of health, designed to enable individual to regain, strengthen and enhance their psychological and spiritual health and wellbeing.


Price: £240


Our right-mindfulness course is grounded in mind-body medicine and consciousness. 

Image by Tim Marshall
Image by Matt Hardy

What is PS MBi?

Right-Mindfulness or proper-mindfulness (Origins Pali: SammaSati, Sanskrit Smritti, Dhyan, Symran) is a science of the self, science of consciousness  has its origins in Indic wisdom traditions, which over thousands of years have been tried and tested to produce profound personal positive transformations, self-development and growth, towards self-actualization and self-realization.

Samma means 'proper', 'whole', 'thorough', 'integral', 'complete', and 'perfect’, Sammasati is therefore known as right-mindfulness which is in sharp contrast to clinical or mindfulness, also known as McMindfulness, the fast-food version of mindfulness.

Right-mindfulness by which the human mind and consciousness evolves and awakens through self-realization. Our right-mindfulness  program provides practical solutions to address the root causes of mental and emotional health, such as anxiety, stress, depression, grief and anger, as well, as help individuals through the transformation and change, towards discovering meaning and purpose in the changing paradigm.  


Right-mindfulness meditation practice not only improves your psychological health and wellbeing but unlocks your human potential and helps you flourish and grow in life. It is the first step in the ultimate journey which will lead to the most profound discovery of self.


The course provides you with practical techniques, ongoing support, guidance, and a progression route to further your development and growth through retreats.


In these times of chaos, anxieties, confusion, insecurities and fears, there is an urgent need to enable individuals to reduce, avoid and eliminate the impact of anxiety, stress, depression, grief and anger on our mental, emotional, physical health.

What to expect


Our 8 week right-mindfulness courses have enabled over 20,000 people to cultivate resilience, internal strength, peace of mind and transpersonal (spiritual) growth.


Participants have discovered the profound healing and life affirming impact of our right-mindfulness courses. 


What people who complete the MBi course report:

·       Reducing, eliminating, preventing depression

·       Improving mental immunity

·       Improving emotional immunity

·       Lasting decreases in symptoms of illnesses

·       Improved self-worth and esteem

·       Ability to relax and switch off

·       Reductions in pain levels

·       An ability to cope more effectively in preventing depression

·       Being in control of their life

·       Growth in intuition

·       Discovering pathways towards meaning & purpose in life

·       Overcoming self-imposed barriers and limitations


Mindfulness is the opposite of mindlessness, what many of us operate within, automated learned patterns which not only impact our health but also in sense of isolation, separation of self, going through life in a meaningless mechanical way in addition to creating psychological and emotional states which are directly related to illnesses such as depression, Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, diabetes type II and even cancer.


This course is delivered over 8 sessions and usually followed by either a one day-long retreat or a weekend retreat. This highly participatory and life affirming practical course includes:


·       Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices

·       Gentle stretching and mindful Chi Kung (light gentle movements similar to Tai Chi)

·       Group dialogue and discussions aimed at enhancing awareness in everyday life

·       Individually tailored guidance

·       Personal home practice


The course is challenging and life-affirming. The instructors in our right-mindfulness courses are highly accomplished and skilled at creating a safe, supportive, and deeply engaging learning environment.


Impact of right-mindfulness on health and wellbeing


Decades of research in Mindfulness has demonstrated the profound benefits including:


Improving symptoms and conditions for many Medical conditions—including cancer, heart disease, skin disorder, chronic illness, chronic pain, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia asthma, MS, Parkinsons and many other conditions.


Reducing psychological distress and illness—including depression, anger, anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue and insomnia or sleep disturbances.


Developing and increasing resilience and self-empowerment through the recognition and prevention of harmful psychological and emotional states of mind, restoring sense of balance and inner peace and learning the “how” of taking good care of yourself.


Decades of evidence on the efficacy of mindfulness in the treatment and improvement of many conditions has earned the programme high regard and respect within the medical and health professional community.


Our expert facilitators

The Flame centre is proud to engage the exclusive services of UK’s pioneer in Mindfulness based approaches to stress with over 30+ years of teaching and facilitating mindfulness, Dav Panesar. 

MBi is not an alternative to traditional medical and psychological treatments, but complementary. 

Image by Tim Marshall

Our 8 week right-mindfulness courses have enabled over 20,000 people to cultivate resilience, internal strength, peace of mind and transpersonal (spiritual) growth.


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