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16/10/2019 - Click here to register 

While everyone has an ego, hardly anyone actually knows the nature of their ego, its impact on health, on relationships and ultimately impact on both their engagement in life and most importantly, the outcome of their life. Gurmat, based on eastern psychology presents a highly sophisticated and detailed understanding of nature of the ego and its functions.

This webinar will explore:-

What is the ego?

What is the value of the ego?

What is the difference between a healthy and unhealthy ego?

What lies beyond the ego?

Meditation and ego

MINDFULNESS & SIDE EFFECTS (contraindications)

6/10/2019 - Click here to register

Mindfulness meditation is a practice that enables one to cultivate awareness of the present moment, thus changing or altering ones’ state of awareness and in time consciousness. Mindfulness has grown exponentially over the past decade and is now being used in therapy, counselling, business and even schools. However, the increase interest in mindfulness meditation now warrants a serious focus on its safety and potential side effects.

As mindfulness practices are spreading there is increasing evidence emerging of contra indications (side effects) regarding mindfulness-based intervention. The side effects of meditation with possible adverse reactions are increasingly being reported in the literature. Yet participant screening procedures, safety guidelines, and associated risks have not been developed and disseminated in field of mindfulness practice


16/10/2019 - Click here to register

Depression is one of the fastest growing mental illnesses in the world today and amongst the most expensive medical conditions and within the next 20 years, more people will be impacted by depression than any other health problem. Those who do not understand the mind cannot understand mental illness. The webinar will provide a unique understanding of the mind, and how one creates their own suffering through ignorance.  When one understands the cause, one has the key to take control and regain their health and wellbeing. This unique webinar focuses on the causes of depression and meditation (inc mindfulness) based approaches to overcome depression.

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