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Video message from Co-Director Master Dav Panesar 

DIRECTORS MESSAGE: Below is a short 14 minutes that can help you tremendously through this time. The media will constantly instill fear in nations, its up to you to cultivate calm in the chaos (March 2020)


  • COVID-19: Fear, panic and anger has a dramatic and detrimental impact on ones immune system. It lowers the bodys ability to fight any infections and makes one highly vulnerable to ill health.

  • Fear blocks ones ability to consciously evolve, it is the lowest vibration in contrast to love, which is the highest.

  • This video provides practical steps for our mental health, emotional health, physical health and transpersonal health.

#TheFlameCov has practically helped individuals to enhance, strenghten and maintain their immunity and tranform their health for 10+ years. The video highlights HOW Meditation Boosts Immunity.


Weekly holistic health support classes in Right-Mindfulness Meditation, Qi Gong (Chi Kung), Qi Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga taught by authentic expert facilitators with no less than 30+ years experience. and rooted in ancient eastern wisdom. We have helped over 20,000 people transform their health and wellness. Join us today.


Rooted in 5000+ year old ancient wisdom, we run the most life-changing and transformational integral health workshops and courses founded by international pioneer and health expert Master Dav Panesar. We teach students the secrets behind mind mastery & consciousness rooted in time-tested alchemy and mysticism. Activating optimal health, inner-awakening & self-discovery. Isn't it time to invest in yourself and take control of your health and wellbeing?


We deeply heal and transform individuals lives. Our unique and highly experiential retreats are grounded in eastern wisdom, right-mindfulness and self-compassion; integrating transpersonal psychology, mind, body and heart medicine. Our retreats are intended to help in pragmatic, practical ways, facilitate you in realising and accessing our existing inner resilience and transpersonal understanding.

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