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Image by Linus Nylund

Gurvinder Kaur

  • Gurmat Psycho-spiritual Therapist

  • Right-Mindfulness Meditation Trainer


Qatar, Gulf (MENA region)


  • Accredited Trainer: Gurmat (psycho-spiritual) Based Mindfulness (GBMi)

  • Masters in Gurmat Psycho-spiritual Therapy (MSc)

Guvinder specialises in supporting millennials and generation Z individuals with navigating and balancing their life paths, careers and mental well-being and has been supporting these generations for over two decades. She has a deep understanding of what issues the younger generation face and the way they see the world which allows her to support areas of life that are specific to these generations. Gurvinder’s background is based around working in the Engineering and Design Architecture world for over 10 years. Here, she gained valuable experience in the corporate world, how to engage with different groups of people, with differentiating demographics, age range, and genders. Gurvinder also has a passion for developing and creating healthy plant based fusion cooking. The dishes are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans alike and are always ‘fused’ with the goal of providing the most nutritious dishes for the mind, body and soul. Her enthusiasm for different types of meditation is paramount. She is always looking to experience and cultivate a different range of experiences which gives Gurvinder many tools in her ‘tool box’ to help you with a range of situations and circumstances you may be faced with in life - past, present or future. This flexibility provides a platform for adaptability and what works best for you.

Specialism; Mental health, Work Life Balance & Corporate Stress, Food and Health 

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Health Issues:

  • Depression, stress and anxiety in young people

  • Corporate/work related stress

  • Emotional health

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Life Transitions

  • Coping Skills

  • Spiritual emergence & transpersonal health

Image by Claire Fischer

Client focus:

  • Individuals 

  • Groups/family 


  • English

  • Punjabi

Image by Matt Hardy

Treatment approach:

Types of Therapy
  • Mindfulness based psycho-spiritual therapy

  • Right-Mindfulness therapy

  • Holistic health therapies

1 to 1 therapy

£55 cost per session

8 week course

£35 per session

1-day workshop

£45 per person

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