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2024 Transformational 6 week psychotherapy course + Mexico Wellness retreat

Embark on a life-altering odyssey with our transformational 6-week Psychotherapy Self-discovery course followed by a luxury Mexico Wellness Retreat in serene jungle beach paradise. Where ancient eastern wisdom meets traditional Mayan medicine for revolutionary health and personal development benefits. This immersive, experiential and once in a lifetime journey is a fusion of comprehensive 6 weeks psychotherapy followed by a holistic health and wellness retreat in the natural sacred sanctuary of Tulum, Mexico. 

Are you ready for real change and development?

  • Online course begins 28th January 2024
    £399 (for course only)

  • 5 day Mexico retreat: 21st - 25th June 24 
    £3101 (for retreat only)

Investing in this transformational course and retreat promises an immersive and authentic experience, guiding individuals toward profound self-discovery, healing, and a holistic approach to well-being that transcends the boundaries of conventional mainstream wellness programs.

Self-healing | Self-Discovery | Self-Actualisation

Higher Consciousness & Human Potential

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Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity in 2024 and experience sustainable inner growth, support, healing, health and holistic wellness in a paradisiacal setting, unlocking a profound transformation and connection within yourself.

This immersive, experiential and once in a lifetime journey is a fusion of comprehensive 6 weeks psychotherapy followed by a holistic health and wellness retreat in paradise. Melding the riches of Eastern wisdom with the healing prowess of traditional Mayan practices.


Over six weeks, immerse yourself in a holistic exploration guided by expert integral health therapists and practitioners, delving into self-discovery and authentic personal transformation. At the Mexico retreat, all experiences seamlessly blend ancient holistic practices with the wisdom of the Mayan culture, allowing you to rejuvenate amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of Mexico.


This retreat is your gateway to revitalisation, offering a sanctuary for resetting and emerging renewed. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity for inner growth and holistic wellness in a paradisiacal setting, unlocking a profound transformation within yourself.

Our authentic and experienced teachers, will practically teach sacred eastern embodiment practices from the roots of Right-Mindfulness, Ayurveda & Right-Yoga at The Flame that also infuse psycho-spiritual psychology, sacred astrology, ancestral crystal cleansing and cellular sound healing.

The luxury retreat day has specifically been designed to help aid restfulness, mind-body homeostasis, internal cleansing, emotional releasing and self-regulation.

"Profoundly transformative"

"Amazing deep dive healing and self-discovery experiences guided by wise and authentic teachers with lived experience"


"I feel ten stone lighter letting go of this emotional baggage I have been carrying"

"The Flame does it again, this is the real deal with support, wisdom and safety, they really know what they are doing with this healing work"

"I was shocked how much impact The Flame's wisdom, safe support system and guidance has on my mind and my wellbeing"

"Everyone needs this in their life, it is not micky mouse healing, it does deep, to the root of our disease"

"I learnt about myself and eastern healing modalities, the teachers at The Flame have real, endless wisdom"

"This really is a safe space, I felt I could be vulnerable, open and supported. This work I truly transformative and intimate. Even if you think you don't need it, you need it"

"I have never experienced such deep healing and change"


Navigating being human: Transformational 6 week psychotherapy course + Mexico Wellness retreat in authentic mind-body-heart medicine, embodied yoga, mindfulness meditation, healing and personal liberation.

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Led by authentic integral holistic health therapy experts with lineage in all modalities and therapeutic interventions

1) The online 6 week psychotherapy course includes:

2.5 hour structured weekly group sessions online for 6 weeks. Learning elements and outcomes includes: 

  • Exploration of mind & consciousness for enhanced cognitive ability, expanded connection to self; safe journeying into your inner-being.

  • Experiential emotional regulation tools to develop a pathway for letting go and self-acceptance. 

  • Safely guided into shadow-work and integration. 

  • Ancient feminine wisdom fusion into relevant sessions. 

  • Advanced Right-Mindfulness based health exploration and intervention

  • Intentional community connection: therapeutic group dialogue in a safe and trusting space of non-judgement 

Rooted in authentic: 

  • Gurmat psychospiritual (transpersonal psychology) therapy - accredited

  • Embodied Yoga and Pranayama healing therapy

  • Metaphysical health science, neuroscience and epigenetic



2) Luxury Mexico Holistic Health & Wellness retreat includes:


  • Exclusive 5 day Holistic Health & Mind-body-heart Medicine retreat in Mexico, Tulum (Traditional Mayan Medicine & Authentic eastern wisdom)

  • Bridging the gap between science and spirituality 

  • Luxury accommodation (Flights not included) 

  • Includes all activities led by experts in psychospiritual psychology, mind & consciousness, cellular sound healing, Ayurvedic nutrition, yoga therapy and traditional mayan healing interventions 

  • Master Dav Panesar, world renowned pioneer and founder of Gurmat Therapy will be co-leading this retreat 

  • Includes freshly cooked healthy vegetarian meals and beautiful exclusive jungle accommodation 

  • 1 natural cenote tour, sacred to the indigenous mayan people

  • Certified accreditation of completion by Gurmat Therapy; School of psycho-spiritual psychology and metaphysical science 

  • Experience private eco-pool, sustainable eco-design and architecture

Mental, emotional, physical and transpersonal health benefits:

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Through introspective holistic health practices embedded in this unique course and retreat, participant will gain deeper insights into themselves, fostering increased self-awareness and self-understanding.

  • Elevated Emotional Intelligence: By integrating emotional regulation tools and Gurmat psychospiritual therapy, individuals develop heightened emotional intelligence, leading to better management of emotions and improved interpersonal relationships.

  • Overall Well-being: The program's holistic approach fosters improvement in mental, emotional, physical, and transpersonal health, aiming for a comprehensive enhancement in overall well-being.

  • Cognitive Enhancement: Engaging in right-mindfulness based interventions and practices stimulates cognitive abilities, fostering increased neural plasticity and mental agility.

  • Expanded Levels of Consciousness: Through curated activities designed to expand consciousness and integrate authentic Eastern wisdom, participants will experience heightened levels of awareness, leading to a greater sense of authenticity and internal sovereignty in navigating their lives.

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Improved emotional intelligence

  • Improved mental, emotional, physical and transpersonal health

  • Cognitive enhancement: Enhances cognitive ability and neural plasticity

  • Expands levels of consciousness: authenticity and internal sovereignty

Mental health

  • Enhanced Mental Clarity: Through our highly effective Gurmat psychospiritual therapy, participants cultivate mental focus, clarity, and awareness.

  • Psychospiritual Growth: Exploring transpersonal psychology fosters deeper understanding and connection to one's authentic self and inner being, contributing to a more profound sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Emotional health

  • Emotional Regulation: Acquire practical and effective tools and techniques for emotional regulation, enabling participants to navigate and manage their emotions effectively.

  • Self-Acceptance: Develop a pathway for letting go, fostering self-acceptance and inner peace, leading to improved emotional well-being.

physical health

  • Holistic Wellness: Engaging in authentic embodied yoga, Pranayama therapy, and Ayurvedic nutrition at our retreat, fosters  physical vitality and overall well-being.

  • Cellular Sound Healing: Experience interventions targeting molecular cellular healing, contributing to physical rejuvenation and relaxation.

transpersonal health

  • Bridging Science and Spirituality: Our unique interventions bridges the gap between science and spirituality, offering a holistic approach that integrates traditional Mayan medicine and authentic Eastern wisdom.

  • Consciousness Expansion: Engage in activities focused on expanding consciousness, promoting personal transformation and deeper self-awareness.

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Health investment

2023 EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (EBD) - £500 OFF! - WAS £4000

Until 27/01/2024


EBD total programme costs: £3500


  • If you would like to join the online 6 weeks psychotherapy course only this is £399 pp

  • The luxury Mexico wellness retreat is £3101 pp (excluding flights)

Early bird discount ends 31st December 2023: £3500


Payment options for total programme are: 

  • Tier 1: Full payment of £3500 

  • Tier 2: 2 payments - 1st payment now, 2nd payment 2 months before the June retreat

  • Tier 3: 50% deposit + 6 month payment plan

This exclusive programme is non-refundable as Mexico retreat accommodation and amenities are booked well in advance.

Bank details to make payment:

Sort Code: 56-00-45
Account number: 35662913

Self-healing | Self-Discovery | Self-Actualisation | Higher Consciousness & Human Potential

Reasons why investing in this transformational 6-week psychotherapy course and luxury Mexico health and wellness retreat would be highly valuable to your 2024 health, healing and human development:

  1. Personalised 1-2-1 Expert Guidance: Participants receive personalised support from seasoned experts in psychology, yoga, and ancient wisdom practices, ensuring a tailored experience to meet individual needs and facilitate profound personal growth.

  2. Authentic Wisdom and Uniqueness: The program offers authentic and unadulterated wisdom from various ancient traditions, free from colonization or commercialisation, providing a unique and genuine learning experience rarely found in mainstream wellness programs.

  3. Long-term Developmental Focus: Emphasising developmental transformation over superficial, short-term fixes, the course and retreat aim to instigate profound and lasting changes in individuals' lives, nurturing continuous growth beyond the program duration.

  4. Integration of Modalities: The program integrates diverse modalities such as psychotherapy, embodied yoga, pranayama therapy, traditional Mayan healing, and epigenetics, fostering a holistic approach to well-being by addressing mental, emotional, physical, and transpersonal aspects.

  5. Bridging Science and Spirituality: Bridging the gap between science and spirituality, the curriculum delves into neuroscience, quantum physics, and ancient wisdom, offering a comprehensive understanding that embraces both empirical evidence and spiritual insights.

  6. Cultivation of Self-Compassion: Led by practitioners with lived experiences and compassionate approaches, the course emphasizes cultivating self-compassion, providing a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore their emotions and conditions without judgment.

  7. Deep Integration and Application: The program isn't just theoretical; it encourages practical application, guiding participants in integrating newfound wisdom and practices into their daily lives for sustained personal growth and transformation.

  8. Not Saturated or Commercialised: In contrast to mainstream wellness trends, this program steers away from being saturated or commercialized, maintaining its authenticity and exclusivity, ensuring participants receive a unique and unparalleled experience.

  9. Wellness in Luxury Setting: The retreat offers a luxurious setting in Mexico's Tulum, providing a serene and conducive activated healing environment for self-reflection, healing, and wellness activities, enhancing the overall transformative experience.

  10. Comprehensive and Holistic Approach: By addressing various facets of health and well-being, including mental, emotional, physical, and transpersonal aspects, the program offers a comprehensive approach that nurtures overall holistic wellness and personal flourishing.

Investing in this transformational course and retreat promises an immersive and authentic experience, guiding individuals toward profound self-discovery, healing, and a holistic approach to well-being that transcends the boundaries of conventional wellness programs.


Sonya Kaur
Lead course + retreat teacher

Sonya is a dedicated specialist, seasoned psychologist, psychospiritual transpersonal therapist, and metaphysical scientist, offering over 10 years of multifaceted expertise in guiding individuals through transformative and life-affirming healing journeys. Having navigated profound adversity and personal trauma herself, Sonya resonates deeply with her clients, approaching her work with a unique blend of professional expertise and real lived experience. Sonya has emerged as a unique advocate for cultivating self-compassion to navigate the complexities of the human condition and emotions.


Sonya is the visionary behind the groundbreaking 'Ancient Feminine Wisdom Series,' which empowers women to optimise reproductive and general health through ancient wisdom, epigenetics, holistic practices, and indigenous medicine. As a psychologist and psychospiritual transpersonal therapist, Sonya connects with clients through compassion and authentic lived experience, fostering an environment of understanding, safety and empathy.


Within the esteemed Gurmat Health model, Sonya integrates ancient wisdom practices, embodied yoga, and pranayama therapy. Her commitment to exploring neuroscience, quantum physics, and epigenetics reflects her dedication to merging science and spirituality for comprehensive well-being.


Sonya's vast experience as a Gurmat Psycho-spiritual Therapist, Wellbeing Rx assessor, Experiential life mentor, and an Authentic yoga and right-mindfulness meditation teacher roots her approach in foundational principles in ancient wisdom, focusing on the evolution of the mind, consciousness evolution and tapping into human potential.


Her authentic holistic approach, shaped by longstanding personal healing and committed professional practice, serves as a guiding light for individuals seeking transformation and optimal well-being, embodying a profound sense of wholeness and flourishing health.


Master Dav Panesar
Lead retreat teacher 

With over 35+ years experience, Master Dav Panesar is a world class expert, pioneer, visionary and specialist in teaching transformative and optimal health & wellness interventions backed by advanced self-healing sciences and rooted in ancient wellbeing heritage traditions. Bridging the gap between science and spirituality, Master Dav is a mind-body & heart medicine expert, pioneer of authentic right-mindfulness (samasatti) based health intervention in the UK and a prominent figure in transpersonal (psycho-spiritual) & transformative health and wellness medicine, as well as a Public speaker.


He is an international pioneer of right-mindfulness and contemplative based health interventions in the UK, with over 30 years of experience in developing, teaching and working with transpersonal & consciousness based psychology, right-mindfulness, and mindfulness-based approaches and models within the health, public and the private sector that has earned him international respect and recognition, making him and his approaches highly sought after.


Master Dav facilitates all the Right-Mindfulness classes, workshops, courses and retreats at The Flame. Master Dav founded the revolutionary Gurmat Therapy health model that redefines, health, wellbeing and what it means to be human.


Pushy Kaur
Retreat teacher

Pushy Kaur, a highly skilled and gifted practitioner, cultivates profound healing, self-care, and self-compassion within her clients. Employing integral holistic health therapeutic approaches deeply rooted in ancient eastern wisdom, she instills a greater harmony with nature's rhythms and energies. Her practical dissemination of these time-honored health practices reflects her commitment to sharing the fruits of ancient wisdom.


The transformative impact of authentic Mind, Body, Heart medicine & Ayurveda traditions has been pivotal in Pushy's journey, propelling her to impart this 5000+ year old healing science to others. Her expertise stems from training as an Ayurvedic Therapist at the prestigious Ayurveda Pura Academy in London, as well as learning from revered Masters in India and the East. Additionally, she holds credentials as a trained Gurmat Psycho-spiritual therapist under the guidance of Master Dav Panesar.

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