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Developing Healthy Eating Habits 
Mindfulness-based workshop

Stress, less social interaction, less structure to the day and boredom are cited as key triggers for this snacking on sweet stuff and eating more junk food.

This workshop does exactly what the title says - it helps you to cultivate healthy eating habits. It helps you to transform not only your physical health; it also helps you to enhance your mental and emotional health.


You discover and experience (on the workshop) new mindfulness skills and strategies to enhance your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.



8th August 2020
18th August 2020
5th September 2020

19th September 2020

17th October 2020

Time: 11am - 15.30pm

Venue: Online - Zoom

Cost: £45

This workshop brings together best practices in mindfulness, mind-body science and practical applications, to give you the tools to regain your health and wellbeing.

Why join?

What is the "Developing Healthy Eating Habits Workshop"?

As a nation we are eating more and more often.  Just Eat, the fast food delivery company, affirm record highs for their food deliveries of lunches and dinners and a 36% increase in dessert orders during lockdown.

Wearefeel, the multivitamin company, surveyed 3,000 Britons in March 2020 and found:

  • A huge 44% of snacking on confectionery, with only 19% snacking on fruit

  • Birmingham is cited as the junk food capital, with 88% of Brummies interviewed stating they are eating more "junk food" since home working

What to expect


What you will learn:


  • How to improve your eating habits

  • How to develop new understandings and attitudes towards your experiences of hunger and its satisfaction (eating)

  •  What a Mindful Eating Cycle is

  • How to differentiate between physical hunger and sensory hunger

  • How to identify your own hungers

  • How to deal with Cravings

  • What are healthy foods and what are unhealthy foods

  • What is Low Carb, why is it good for your optimal health and how to Low Carb


Read Shanta's bio >


Shanta Panesar is a qualified nutritionist. She has written over 23 Low Carb cookbooks and 35 meal plans when working for and is a qualified Right Mindfulness teacher.


Many people through the use of her cookbooks, meal plans and workshops have regained and maintained control of their health and wellness.

This online workshop" Developing Healthy Eating Habits on Lockdown" combines her knowledge and experience of Mindfulness with her Mindful Eating and Low Carb practices.

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