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6 Week Mindful Guitar Learning Course for Children –

Help Your Child Address Their Emotions Through Music and Let Them Develop Their Confidence and Creativity!


The healing vibration of sound has been known from ancient times. Vibration therapies were used in ancient medicine to unblock chakras and help manage emotions. Sounds help us increase the awareness and presence in the moment, known as Mindfulness.


How does the mindful guitar learning work?


How does the mindful guitar learning work?

In the beginning of the classes your kid will be brought to the state of mindfulness in a gentle and entertaining way, as we know that the important part of being a kid is to have fun. Then, in the ambiance of mindfulness they will be shown how to create music themselves in an enjoyable manner (from the first lesson they will create music themselves and they will enjoy the group learning experience). The presence of music will then increase the state of being mindful. Creativity becomes almost the by-product of the process.


The course is led in stress-free manner. Practicing at home will only happen as a result of natural interest from the kid in the classes, not as an obligation or ‘homework’. Practicing at home is not required to progress during the classes.   


The course is innovative in several respects:

1.      Innovative teaching methods and original teaching program evolved as a result of years of guitar teaching experience.

2.      Easy to pick up, fun element important to engage kids, it results in quick measurable outcomes which motivates to further learning.

3.      Novel approach of bringing the best of two worlds – music and mindfulness (this is probably the first ever approach to bring this two worlds together).


How are the sessions structured:

·       One hour per week iniciated by 10 minutes meditation to cut off from any distraction and settle your kid in a comfortable space of relaxation. This will help them tip into their creativity self.

·       The classes happen in a group of 4-6 kids to benefit from the collective energy of the group as well as gain the music band experience right from the first session.

·       Recorded materials can be provided for the kids who wish to practice in-between classes.


What learning outcomes you can expect:

During the initiatory 6 week course, your child will learn to play few songs, where each of them is a progression of the previous one and natural preparation for the next one. We want to make sure that learning is a pleasure. The songs are individually adjusted to the group as well as individual level of each kid. We know that the less effort required to produce pleasant music, the more chances are that the kid will feel encouraged.


Essential details:

·       Free demo session – Saturday 3rd of March 2018 - 11am-1pm at the Flame

·       Venue: The Flame, 14 City Arcade, CV1 3HW

·       Course Cost - £100 for the 6 week course

·       Courses start on 10th of March 2018


Additional information:

·       Demo session - Before you decide to sign up, the free test session will give you and your kid a chance to see if this is what they would enjoy. Please come to the session on 3rd of March

·       Entry requirements – there is no entry requirement for this course. All you need to do is to attend the demo lesson with your kid and then they will be assigned to the group of the right age and level.

·       Guitar – Possessing your own guitar is not required, however recommended. If you don’t have your guitar, let us know and we will try to arrange one for you.

·       Carrying on further on – If your kid enjoys the 6 week course with us, they can continue the training on the next level.


About the instructor:

Dr. Joanna Orzechowska has been playing instruments since she was 8 years old. She has a private conservatory diploma as well as guitar teaching qualifications. Joanna has 5 years guitar teaching experience of groups of 4-6 people in all age groups: kids, teenagers and adults. She can adjust her teaching style to the group’s age as well as needs. She knows how to make the sessions engaging and bring the best of every participant in a stress-free manner. Joanna has been practicing mindfulness out of her personal curiosity. Her interest in mindfulness, natural methods of healing and music has become the inspiration for the initiative of this course. Joanna truly believes in the power of joining two worlds of meditation and music and the positive effect of the course on its participants.

Joanna has a PhD degree in Mathematics and her day job is software consultancy. Her motivation for this 6 week course is the true passion for helping people.

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