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Mindful Marketing®

Delivered by Digital marketing expert & Authentic Leadership trainer, this highly Practical, Result-based Social media/Digital marketing training workshop is for Small Businesses (SMEs) and Self-employed individuals who want to learn how to master their own marketing & thrive online during this difficult time.

The majority of social media training courses are delivered by training organisations who have no experience in the small business space.

This in-demand social media training will be running for a limited time only and is tailored for self-employed /small businesses (SMEs). We will equip you with the knowledge, practical skills and take away actionable plans to help your business thrive through social media during this difficult time.

You will learn how to practically:

  1. IMPROVE your overall online presence 

  2. STRENGTHEN your social media channels 

  3. ENHANCE your online-income potential


This transformational training is specifically designed to help and support SMEs and Self-employed individuals learn how to really thrive online, with limited digital/social marketing experience, resources, budgets and time. Suitable for beginners/non-marketers.

Sonya, an expert Strategic/Senior Multi-channel Marketing & Innovations  consultant, with 10+ years international experience across private, public, charity & development sectors, is offering discounted Social Media/Digital Marketing training that is simplified, highly effective and practical. In this interactive 3 hour training session, Sonya will teach you the vital online marketing tricks & techniques, leading you to practically mastering your own marketing online during this difficult and transitional period. 


Learning outcomes:

  • Learn the most effective, authentic and practical social media skills to improve your online presence.

  • How to work smart and create successful and creative content that connect with your target audience and leads to results. 

  • The easiest and most effective website design improvement techniques that actually nurture prospects and attract more custom. 

  • How to carve your online brand to lead to long-term growth, engagement and income generation for  you and/or your organisation.

Date: Saturday 13th July 2020

Time: 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Price: £55 per person (Multi-buy & Charity discount applied on payment options)

Venue: Zoom Online

Led by Digital Marketing, Comms & Innovation expert Sonya, this training brings together best practices in Social Media for small businesses & effective practical applications, to give you the tools you need to master your own marketing online.

About your trainer

The 3-hour workshop is provided by Senior Digital Marketing & Innovations expert/consultant Sonya who has over 10+ years international marketing experience providing high-performing multi-channel marketing strategies, operations, delivery and campaigns to leading businesses and charities in the public, private and development sectors. Her work has led to significant return on investment (ROI) and long-term brand growth. More importantly, she helps small businesses thrive!

Sonya started to offer consultancy/training in 2015, as she felt that not enough small businesses/charities are receiving the recognition and commercial appeal they deserve; mainly due to lack of resources and marketing capacity.

"My approach is based on ‘Big Marketing, Small budgets’ dynamic and I have helped over 200+ federations, SMES, charities and NGOs intelligibly transform their business objectives into tangible marketing – digital – social goals. As a result of working with me, their social media presence, marketing ability and activities, ROI and general customer acquisition/target audience engagement improves by 50% in the first 1-3 months.


I teach you how to view, utilise and manage your social media channels with a whole new, powerful, rejuvenating outlook. Those digital fears turn into fearless aims. Business objectives turn into intelligible digital marketing goals. Digital marketing goals transform into measurable social media  targets. You will leave my workshop, ready to pounce on Facebook with a new found sas and optimum confidence!" - Sonya

Sonya has consulted, trained and coached small businesses (SMEs), leading charities, small NGOs and self-employed individuals across UK, EU, MENAEE, Africa and Asia regions.

"Sonya’s marketing workshop which was just excellent. The interventions were specifically targeted to individual businesses which was so helpful. Sonya was able to give really clear concise information and advice to formulate strategies for my business. Since the workshop I have had the confidence and knowledge to design my own web site and have been inspired to invest time in social media to launch my work. Sonya is incredibly knowledgable and understanding in terms of the business sector. Her approach is very mindful of clients, customers and business owners and their needs. I do really appreciate her time and energy she invested in working with us and I would encourage others to take this course if they are seriously Interested in building their own business. Thank you so much Sonya" - Jo Wildsmith

What to expect


This social media/digital marketing training gives you clarity, ability, enthusiasm and confidence. You may feel overwhelmed and confused by social right now, but you’ll leave as an pro.

No more random publishing, hoping for the best, with bafflingly mixed results. You’ll be confident about what to do, how to go about it, and how to measure the impact. 

What you will learn:


  • The most effective, authentic and practical social media skills to improve your online presence.
    -Learn how to effectively utilise your social media channels to work for you
    -Build followers, reputation and credibility
    -Learn which online tools are best for you
    -Create professional/easy graphics to support your posts
    -Find out how to analysis and report on your activity
    -Learn how to advertise to thousands at low-cost


  • How to work smart and create successful and creative content that leads to results. 
    Learn how to use simple content  tricks and tools to maxmise and optimise your content so it directly speaks to your target audience/customers/donors


  • The easiest and most effective website design improvement techniques that actually nurture prospects and attract more custom. 

  • How to carve your online brand to lead to long-term growth and income generation for you and/or your business/charity.

" I have just participated in the training with Sonya on Practical Social Media. The 3 hour session was packed with useful information, tips and examples of what we are aiming for when setting up our profiles on social media, developing websites and generating a targeted following. Sonya delivered the sessions in a well-paced manner, allowed us all to speak so that she could tailor the content to our own needs and gave invaluable advice about what to focus on for our next steps as small businesses. This was an invaluable 3 hours, which I would recommend to anyone who is thinking of setting up their own online presence with a small business. " - Fenella K 

Secure your place by booking online


Thanks so much for arranging this inspiring, well executed and very timely workshop for us. Having done a fair bit of marketing at different organisations in recent years, and found it often quite frustrating and odious, it was fantastic to be guided by someone who understood the values that we hold as an organisation and was able to tailor the experience to make it all feel so much simpler and engaging.


—  Sam Packer - Dyfi Land Share

I would like to thank you for arranging the training with Sonya. training of this quality has the potential to make a step change for low cost organisations wanting to improve their engagement. Over the years I have been to three digital workshops – they all had all the trimmings: namebadges, information packs, sandwiches and feedback forms. All were very conscientious.


Yesterday’s training was an altogether more inspiring experience. I tend to look at Facebook as a necessary (often unnecessary) evil but Sonya somehow turned it into a flexible, purposeful tool, a solution machine (if you were clear about your aims and audience). She explained where it stood in relationship to other social media and web sites. 


She critiqued our web site with empathy and good humour and showed how things could be transformed with just a little tweak. Armed with copious practical suggestions (Cross platform layout) she made it easy to participate, used examples relevant to us and solutions achievable on a low budget.


—  Callum, Groundwork 

Sonya really is an expert in her field, I was left empowered and felt really confident in my ability to take control of my online marketing with the skills Sonya had taught me. A really excellent workshop. Sonya had obviously prepared very well and tailored the workshop to our needs, really seeming to understand what would be useful for an organisation like ours. Lots of simple, practical solutions to take away"


—  Grainne, Mach Mathelon

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