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Mindful Art & Creative Expression Workshop

Partake in a peaceful 3-hour art session that exudes the tranquil essence of a Sunday morning. Together, we'll delve into a journey of self-discovery, utilising color, texture, and movement to authentically express our inner selves.


This workshop warmly welcomes everyone and provides a nurturing environment to craft something that reflects your individuality. For many, the joy of playing with colours and brushes hasn't been explored since childhood. Let's embark on this creative endeavour together in a mindful atmosphere at The Flame.


Studies have indicated that engaging with specific forms of art can elevate serotonin levels, directly associated with feelings of happiness and overall well-being. When feeling low, the simple act of wielding a brush can instill tranquility, fostering mental focus and sparking fresh inspiration.


Moreover, art serves as a conduit for community building. Sharing artistic experiences allows for profound connections with others on a profound level.


The session is 3 hours and includes light refreshments.


At the end, you'll have your very own canvas, brushes, and palette to take home, commemorating the creation of your unique masterpiece.

Limited spaces please book early to avoid disappointment.

Date: Sunday 28th January 2024

Time: 12.00pm - 15.00pm GMT UK

Early Bird Price: £35.00 per person

Venue: The Flame Coventry

This creative expression workshop integrates the principles of mindfulness, artistic exploration, and the science of well-being, offering a holistic approach to harnessing your inner creativity for improved mental health and personal growth.

Image by Dushawn Jovic
Painting on Canvas

About the workshop

  • 2pm Arrival all welcome to a hot drink.

  • 12:10pm Introduction of myself and outline of class and make sure everyone is well.

  • 12:20pm Group discussion on how art makes us feel and benefits.

  • 12:30pm  Introduction on how to create textures and colours.

  • 12:40pm   Choose canvas and lay down ideas back ground colour.   

  • Break for light refreshment around 1:30 for 15 minutes,also gives time for base to dry ect.

  • 13:45pm  Play with colour and shapes from nature and recycled materials.

  • 2:45pm Wind down class with conclusion

Health benefits

  • Techniques to boost mental resilience

  • Understanding the influence of fear on the immune system

  • Strategies to alleviate stress, anxiety, and mental exhaustion

  • Methods for lowering blood pressure

  • Reclaiming authority over your health and well-being

  • Mitigating the risk of strokes

  • Enhancing life satisfaction and reducing the likelihood of depression

  • Elevating overall quality of life

  • Effective pain management approaches

  • Nurturing and improving relationships

  • Cultivating a healthier lifestyle

  • Recovering from the anxiety-induced aftermath of the pandemic

Image by Patrick Seguin


Introducing Carla, an artist whose canvas becomes her sanctuary, a mindful painter who transcends colors and strokes to navigate the labyrinth of emotions. Through her artistry, she discovers solace and healing, utilising the power of creative expression as a conduit to delve deep into her inner self.


Carla's journey as an artist isn't just about paints and brushes; it's an exploration of mental health and emotional connection. Her artwork is a testament to her introspection and a tool for channeling her thoughts and feelings into vibrant creations.


Each brushstroke is an expression of her inner world, a form of meditation that anchors her in the present moment.


Carla's artistic endeavors aren't confined to aesthetics; they are an embodiment of mindfulness, allowing her to unravel layers of emotions and connect deeply with herself. Her art is a testament to the therapeutic benefits of creative expression, inspiring others to explore their own emotional landscapes through art.


In Carla's world, art isn't just a passion—it's a lifeline, a means of fostering creativity, embracing vulnerability, and nurturing mental well-being. Through her journey as an artist and mindful painter, she invites others to embrace the transformative power of art as a tool for self-discovery and emotional connectivity.


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