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Exclusive Release & Reset Holistic Healing
Retreat Day

Join co-director's of leading holistic health centre, The Flame, Pushy and Sonya Kaur as they lead a special, one of a kind ‘Release and Reset’ Healing Retreat Day rooted in authentic ancient wisdom from the east. 

On this transformative day, they will practically teach sacred eastern embodiment practices from the roots of Right-Mindfulness, Ayurveda & Right-Yoga at The Flame that also infuse psycho-spiritual psychology, sacred astrology, ancestral crystal cleansing and cellular sound healing.

This exclusive retreat day has specifically been designed to help aid restfulness, mind-body homeostasis, internal cleansing, emotional releasing and self-regulation.

Includes freshly made Ayurvedic vegetarian lunch and refreshments. 

Date: 12th May 2024

Time: 11.00am - 16.30pm

Price: £135.00 

Venue: The Flame centre (In-house)

Limited spaces - Small Group only

"Profoundly transformative"

"Amazing day with amazing and authentic teachers"

"The Flame does it again, this is the real deal with support, wisdom and safety, they really know what they are doing with this healing work"

"I was shocked how much impact it had on my mind and my wellbeing in just one day"

"I feel ten stone lighter letting go of this emotional baggage I have been carrying"

"What a retreat day, it suited me perfectly because it was just one day & at the same time I feel like the journey was timeless"

"Everyone needs this in their life, it is not micky mouse healing, it does deep, to the root of our disease"

"I learnt about myself and eastern healing modalities, the teachers at The Flame have real, endless wisdom"

"This really is a safe space, I felt I could be vulnerable, open and supported. This day is truly transformative and intimate. Even if you think you don't need it, you need it"

"I have never experienced such deep healing in just one day"

You can also buy this special retreat day as Gift Voucher for a loved one. Choose option on purchase button below. 

This exclusive retreat day has specifically been designed to help aid internal cleansing, emotional releasing and self-regulation.


Pushy Kaur

With 20+ years in practice, Integral Health and Wellness Specialist Pushy Kaur is a holistic health expert and long term advocate, specialising in providing a unique and multidisciplinary medicine approach to human health that integrates Ancient health-based wisdom practices, e.g. Ayurveda, Astrology, Sacred sound cellular healing, energy healing combined with Crystal healing health interventions. She is a specialist in integral holistic and Transpersonal health, a Gurmat Psycho-spiritual Therapist, Right-Mindfulness teacher, Flame Wellbeing Rx assessor and experiential life mentor. She is trained in Ancient Ayurvedic medicine, taught by experts (nutrition and medicinal massage) which focuses on the development and optimisation of whole human health and wellbeing.

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Sonya Kaur

With 10+ years in practice, Sonya is a specialist in transmitting authentic yogic wisdom for health, integral holistic healing and multidisciplinary medicine. Sonya founded the 'Ancient Feminine Wisdom Series' which focuses on teaching women how to optimise their reproductive and general health and wellbeing through ancient feminine wisdom, epigenetics, holistic practices and indigenous medicine. Sonya's expertise lies in providing a unique 'whole' approach to improving human health that integrates ancient wisdom practices and embodied yoga and pranayama therapy through the renowned Gurmat Health model. She bridges the gap between science & spirituality through her dedication to the exploration of neuroscience, quantum physics and epigenetics. Sonya is a Gurmat Psycho-spiritual Therapist, Metaphysical Scientist, Wellbeing Rx assessor, Experiential life mentor & Authentic yoga and right-mindfulness meditation (from the roots) teacher. She focuses on the development and flourishing of human health and wellness through training and evolution of mind, essential human condition and potential. 

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