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The Flame Retreats 2018


We have developed a range of truly life-changing innovative and experiential programmes for stress management, anxiety management, anger management, discovering the destructive nature of emotions such as guilt, anger, fear and cultivating health promoting 'super' emotions such as self-compassion and acceptance.


All our programmes are based on the current research in psychology including the works of Jon Kabat-Zinn. These latest understandings are combined with ancient wisdoms and traditions from cultures that have been practicing mindfulness and meditation to awaken their hearts and minds towards self-actualisation and self-realisation for thousands of years. These retreats will have a positive impact on both physical health and mental and emotional wellbeing.

The spring equinox retreat

Dates: TBC
Venue: The Homestead, Shropshire | Price: £350 | Places: 8

The Metta Retreat®

Dates: TBC
Venue: The Homestead, Shropshire | Price: £350 | Places: FULLY BOOKED

What will I learn?

  • Learning to synchronise yourself with the natural Universal cycles

  • Opportunity to learn and deepen meditation practices

  • Learn how to regain and maintain your health & healing

  • Learn simple techniques to reduce pain, restore and revive health in your body, peace in your mind, openness and warmth in your heart and uncover your essential self

What will I learn?

  • The Metta Workshop is grounded in the practice of mindfulness

  • Learn how to cultivate mindfulness and its application in everyday life

  • Learn to recognise harmful emotional states

  • Discover and experience the true nature of self-compassion

  • Learn how to handle difficult emotions with stability and ease

  • Transform self-criticism into self- motivation and self-encouragement

  • Transform difficult relationships, both with yourself and other

  • Introduction to theory and research behind self-compassion and mindfulness


This unique and exclusive retreat has been designed for health, wellbeing and self-empowerment.


This engaging and transformational retreat offers the participants physical rest, psychological and emotional wellbeing, in addition to conditions in which to discover your authentic, expanded and connected sense of "Self"!

Every journey of self-discovery is unique, along the way you will experience a progressive and supportive journey towards our personal health, self-discovery and exploration through an integrated approach of right-mindfulness, positive psychology, qi-gong and guided meditation and compassion based therapeutic practices.

Transforming Your Life Through Mindfulness

Date: TBC
Venue: The Homestead, Shropshire | Price: £350 | Places: 8

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