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Transforming Your Life Through Mindfulness

Date: 30th March - 1st April 2018
Venue: The Homestead, Shropshire | Price: £375 | Places: 8



About the Retreat

The Flame’s “Transforming your life thru mindfulness” retreat has proved year after year to be a most profound healing and self-empowering retreat, set in the tranquil sanctuary and midst of the stunning and beautiful place of outstanding natural beauty, the Long Mynd and Shropshire hills. The retreat focuses on enabling you to cultivate holistic health and wellbeing, integrating mind, body, emotions and spirit. 

The retreat is designed to provide you with the underpinning understanding and practical guidance in cultivating authentic mindfulness, increase energy and agility through chi kung, and increase resistance and prevention of ill health with simple Ayurvedic principles.


The retreat offers the you a safe haven to unwind, transform and revitalise with like minded people – making you healthier, content and whole with life changing results.


This unique and exclusive retreat is grounded in right-mindfulness has been developed and delivered across the world by internationally renowned, recognised expert and pioneer of mindfulness-based health intervention, with over 25+ years of experience in mindfulness based training and personal practice, Dav Panesar. The retreat brings together authentic understanding and practices of mindfulness for every day living. The retreat is particularly valuable for those who have an interest in mindfulness, have gone through mindfulness workshops or the 8 week courses prior to the retreat.


This weekend getaway is a way of consolidating the skills and techniques you’ve already learnt and deepening your knowledge of the practice. This engaging and transformational experience not only offers a physical rest, psychological, emotional contentment and rejuvenation, but also offers us the knowledge and practical approach to implementing mindfulness, food as medicine and movement to cultivate both internal healing and increasing agility and energy. 


 This retreat is designed for those who wish to:

To learn and cultivate their mindfulness with a world expert in meditation and mind.Experience, learn and practice guided activities that develop presence, expand awareness, increase energy, agility and wellbeing.

·       Learn quick practices to diminish the habitual automatic patterns which will subsequently lead to reduced stress and anxiety levels, while also minimizing its physiological damage on your body's health and immunity.

·       Overcome self-imposed emotional and psychological limitations.

·       Experience a cleansing of your body, emotions and mind, creating the inspiration for positive change by learning to live in a healthier way.

·       Learn how to apply simple principles to increase wellbeing, improve health and prevent ill health and diseases.


The retreat is set within a beautiful secluded environment, where you can immerse yourself in the benefits of a retreat experience in uninterrupted privacy, ensuring a quiet, nurturing atmosphere of healing.

 Who is it for?

·       Everyone interested in developing or deepening their meditation/mindfulness experiences

·       Everyone who suffers from stress, anxiety or depression

·       Everyone who wishes to cultivate mental and emotional peace

·       Those recovering from ill health

·       Those wishing to overcome ill health

·       Everyone who suffers from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, CVD, panic attacks, depression, anxiety Parkinson's, cancer that can be more effectively managed with self-awareness, present moment practices

Our holistic approach combines wellbeing life coaching, chi-kung, yoga, mindfulness meditation and Ayurveda home cooked vegetarian healthy food. All of which are designed to give rise to significant benefits to your mind, emotions, physical health and state of wholeness.


We limit our wellbeing retreats to no more than 8 like-minded people

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