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Kalwant Kaur

  • Gurmat Psycho-spiritual Therapist

  • Right-Mindfulness Meditation Trainer


Southern England, UK


  • Accredited Trainer: Gurmat (psycho-spiritual) Based Mindfulness (GBMi)

  • Masters in Gurmat Psycho-spiritual Therapy (MSc)


Kalwant has been working in the corporate sector and legal profession for nearly 20 years and in that time has both experienced and witnessed levels of high stress and the negative impact this has on health, family life, relationships and overall wellbeing. She has a special interest in dissonance, the conflict that arises between one's personal values and beliefs and those of either their employer or colleagues. When left unresolved, this creates imbalances within an individual and this impacts upon their performance as an employee and their physical and mental health. As a working mother, she appreciates how expectations and multiple roles can take their toll on women in particular, in this situation and works with them to help regain balance and perspective to enable individuals to be their authentic self and find themselves within their busy lives. 

Specialism; Mental health, Work-based stress, Mindfulness for Corporate health

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Health Issues:

  • Depression, stress and anxiety

  • Emotional health

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Life Transitions

  • Coping Skills

  • Spiritual emergence & transpersonal health

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Client focus:

  • Individuals 

  • Groups/family 


  • English

  • Punjabi

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Treatment approach:

Types of Therapy
  • Mindfulness based psycho-spiritual therapy

  • Right-Mindfulness therapy

  • Holistic health therapies

1 to 1 therapy

£55 cost per session

8 week course

£35 per session

1-day workshop

£50 per person

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