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Fairtrade Mother India Incense x 1

Fairtrade Mother India Incense x 1

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Fair trade incense sticks (x 20) made with natural, sustainable ingredients. They’re all handmade in southern India from the highest quality ingredients to produce strong, traditional incense. For every pack brought, five pence is donated to small charities that support the poorest and most in need.


  • Natural
  • Sustainable
  • Fair trade
  • Handmade
  • Donates to charities
  • Plastic-free

The incense is available in twelve plus different, traditional scents:

  • Comforting Meera (sandalwood and cedar base)
  • Delicate Shanti Nag Champa (woods, rose and jasmine)
  • Rich Ganesh (lavender, rose and rosemary)
  • Luxurious Sattva (heliotrope, vanilla, fruits, woods and spices)
  • Fresh Prem (jasmine, ylang ylang, vanilla, cedar)
  • Earthy Om (vanilla and amber)
  • Energizing Rishi (jasmine and violets)
  • Rustic Amrita (patchouli and cedar)
  • Pure Yoga (sandalwood, oakmoss, patchouli and vetiver)
  • Warm Oudh (agarwood), Sweet Lila (patchouli, vetiver and mossy oak)
  • Rejuvenating Aditi (lavender, sage and patchouli)
  • Lila is a beautifully sweet, powdery crisp patchouli, blended with earthy vetiver and green and mossy oak, with a little spice. Our Indian friends call it "an open invitation to prosperity". Who would we be to argue?


The company, Greater Goods, donates to lots of different small charities like Joliba Trust, Baby Sarah’s, Mekong Plus and Santhosha Nanban - they give 5p to these charities for every full-length incense pack bought. The scents are based on traditional Indian scents and are very strong. All the ingredients are natural and fairtrade, meaning the workers are paid good wages and work in a safe environment. They are all protected from forced labour, discrimination and child labour.