Mother India Incense packs x 5

Mother India Incense packs x 5

£29.00 Regular Price
£24.65Sale Price

100 sticks in total (20 incense sticks in each pack) Here is the perfect Flame stocking filler and gifts. Mother's India Incenses in a variety of flavours are here and are very special; they are handmade incenses made with only natural ingredients, hand blended and hand rolled from resins, pure essential oils, floral perfumes and a delicate blend of scented flowers, leaves, charcoal and wood powders. No dipping! They smell divine.


This age-old Indian masala method of making incense avoids the use of chemicals, and creates a light, clean burning incense that creates a minimum of smoke and slowly spreads a gentle aroma. Enjoy the difference!

And what's more, all our products are guaranteed Fair Trade and the Mother's India Fragrances come with a donation to charity.


Based on traditional Indian incense, these fragrances are truly beautiful, strong and is a collection of some of our favs. Get 5 large mother india incense packs (20 incense sticks in each) at a discounted price of £24.65

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