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There can be no health, without spiritual health!

When we think of health, what do we mean? Is health just to do with your body, nutrition, going to the gym, exercising and keeping oneself free from disease? Is that all you are? A physical body? Is health just about our body?

Almost all health interventions are focused on the body, with little or no thought to what may be the root cause of ill health, or health beyond the body. More importantly, this current biomedical model of health assumes the mind and body to be separate, such that there is no influence of the mind on the body. Since the biomedical model assumes that the mind has no influence on the body’s physiology, it completely dismisses the impact of unhealthy mental states on physical body, let alone consider the impact of spirituality on health and wellbeing.

The current biomedical model is so primitive in its understanding and approach to health, that it has yet to include mind-body connection, before it can even get close to what is spiritual health. A holistic and comprehensive model for health and wellbeing consists of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual element, and in which the body is the expression or that which is mirroring the inner. The physical body is not the first point of call for health, but the last.

Within this complete model of health and healing, wholeness, interconnectedness, integration, freedom, connectivity, creativity and joy as selfless-expression are the central foci for the cultivation of optimum health, or Sahej avesta Sahej, describes the optimum and ultimate health and wellness, in which health consists of at four separate yet intimately related aspects, the physical (the body), mental, emotional and the spiritual or authenticity aspect of one’s state of being Spirituality is about self-discovery, and concerned with the direct search for transcendent meaning within oneself, whereas religion is belief in another or external transcendent power. Religious and/or spiritual conviction has been proven to be an important resource in coping with disease

A growing body of research suggests that people who have a spiritual lifestyle, tend to enjoy better physical and mental health, and cope better with illness than those individuals who don’t. Spiritual health is the search for the sacred within oneself, it is the pinnacle of health leading to realisation of what it means to be human and alive. Spirituality (God, divinity, sacredness) is life, your lifestyle is the prayer. The royal path to your authentic spiritual health begins with right-mindfulness.

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