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Safe Mindfulness

Mindfulness and its applications have exploded in Western psychology and mental health intervention since 2015.

What is blatantly obvious of anyone who has access to the wisdom and authentic tradition that have used mindfulness in their processes of human evolution towards optimum psycho-spiritual health and well being is the total lack of recognition, understanding and experience beyond addressing anxiety, stress and depression with its application.

Western psychology has been researching mindfulness meditation for some 20 years, compared to those traditions that have been using meditation over 2,500 years with the accumulated knowledge and actual subjective experiences.

What is laughable amongst the emerging “experts” in mindfulness is their fundamental lack of understanding about how the practice of mindfulness catalyses the process towards ego-transcendence something the ego-fixing psychology prevalent in modern day counselling and psychotherapy have no experience or even a context within which to provide meaning.

Mindfulness practice is but the first step, which over a period of time begins to open new experiences within the practitioner which give rise to a range of psycho-emotional experiences, unlocking previous traumas, overwhelming emotions such as compassion, self-compassion and even lead individuals into a traumatic experience known as the “dark night of the soul”.

Mindfulness intervention is not simply sitting and focusing your awareness on breath, sensations, thoughts and sound, but without the context (Right view), it is both unsafe and misleading. It is essential to have an experienced teacher with at least 10 years of personal experience, anything less than that is placing your mental health in the hands of an amateur and opening oneself to serious risk.

The process of human development and evolutions begins with regaining ones health and well being, before moving towards self-actualisation, self-realisation and self-sovereignty.

Notes to editors:

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