What is 'Spirituality'?

Nowadays, i believe that the term 'spirituality' has been tainted by the system. It has become a ‘New Age’ escapism, a misunderstood trend. It has become an inconsistent re-purposed reality and actually the opposite to true awakening in the realms of reality, in ultimate parallel universes…

A majority of humans, those who know no concept of ‘spirituality’ at all, have drank a chemical cocktail since birth; a force that disables the bodies electromagnetic balance. It is true that we have been programmed since we are born; and thus we are wired to destroy ourselves. We learn to embrace a distorted ignorance.

We rely on the ‘ open minded’ to release the masses who are ‘asleep’ from their shackles. However, we are doomed if we believe the words of those who claim to understand spiritually and 'be' spiritual at it’s purest form…

Outwardly, people who claim to be ‘spiritual’ are portraying themselves as enlightened, but inside they are actually full of 'ego'. Their airy fairy human perception has been formed by opinion rather than experience, it remains elusively objective, not subjective.

Can we truly understand reality? Can we truly understand spirituality? Can we manipulate spiritual balance? Can we dismiss/suppress the energy that makes us understand the natural order: that we are all knowing? The truth is, there is no definition to spirituality, as a spiritual being knows nothing of ‘spirituality’ but only of transpersonal transformation.

Enlightened beings live by understanding energy and matter, the chemical bonds, the behavior of atoms re morality, empathy and infinite love. I believe that spirituality is a primary and personal feeling, one that cannot be carbon copied or become a by-product, reused and repurposed by another human.

Personally, spirituality cannot be described by definition. It is a word unfit for description.

How do we divorce a problem from a solution, when the solution is the problem? It is the same as me asking you what it feels like to be free?

Real spirituality in my opinion is facing your ego and then stepping on a journey of eliminating your ego- a non stop process. It is understanding your realms, learning ultimate levels of human consciousness and grasping